Was your New Year’s resolution to get your business ready for California’s new privacy law? If not, you’re in good company.

Our recent survey of over 400 small and medium-sized businesses found that the vast majority aren’t prepared for CCPA — or the costly fines and lawsuits that come along with it. Only 7% say they’ve invested in compliance consultants or software.

CCPA was intended to target tech giants, but it’s become a headache for SMBs without the resources or in-house expertise to get up to code.

To give our customers one less thing to worry about, we’ve updated our product to make it easy for employers to meet new legal requirements.

The only way to automate employee privacy notices

Starting this month, companies subject to CCPA are required to send their California-based employees and contractors a notice that details the kinds of personal data they’re collecting and how it’s being used.

If you’re like most business owners, you might be thinking: Great! One more thing to do. Our survey found that less than 4% of companies have taken this step.

Luckily, Rippling is in a unique position to help our customers comply with CCPA notice requirements because most of your employee data is already in our platform. So we created a tool that makes it easy to customize and automatically send privacy updates to your workforce.  

This feature is the first of its kind — and it’s free for current customers.

Here’s how it works

1. Company admins can access the feature in Rippling by going to Company settings → Templates. At the bottom of the new page, click “Create a new CCPA notice”

2. You can fully customize this template form to reflect your organization’s data collection practices — and even add your company logo.

3. Once you’re happy with the form, select how it’s distributed to your workforce. For example, you can set Rippling to automatically send notices to new hires once they’ve completed onboarding.

You can also send notices to specific groups, like salespeople or full-time employees. 

4. You’re done! It’s that easy. 

CCPA notice templates are now live in Rippling — check it out and let us know what you think. In addition to privacy notices, Rippling has all the tools you need to securely manage employee data — and avoid costly fines and lawsuits:

With CCPA enforcement starting on July 1, it’s not too late to get compliant. Schedule a demo today or refer a friend to find out how our powerful platform can give you peace of mind.

Rippling now integrates with Brex, bringing the first way companies can automate their corporate card administration.

Integration Quick Look:
What is Brex:
Brex is a corporate credit card that helps ambitious companies scale
Connect Brex:
  • Automatically issue corporate cards to new employees during onboarding, and disable their card during offboarding
  • Automatically set spending limits based on employee data in Rippling (department, location, role etc.)
  • Automatically create/disable Brex user accounts
  • Who should use it:
    Companies looking to cut time managing corporate cards and expenses.

    What is Brex?

    Brex is the corporate credit card that helps ambitious companies scale. Built on the Mastercard network, Brex accelerates entrepreneurs and their companies by offering no personal guarantees, instant online signup, higher limits, best-in-class rewards, and automated expense management.

    How Brex Integrates with Rippling:

    Brex now integrates with Rippling to bring you the first way to automatically issue corporate cards to your employees during their onboarding process. With this integration you can easily issue and manage corporate cards directly from your Rippling dashboard. Define criteria to pre-determine which new employees will be issued corporate cards and then configure their spending limits so that they are up and running with Brex on day 1. The employees’ departments and locations also will flow through from Rippling to Brex, so all their transactions will automatically categorize correctly in their Brex account. Additionally, card policy management extends to changes in employee status in Rippling, such as transfers or title changes. For example, if an employee gets promoted, their spending limit can increase, or when they leave, their card will automatically cancel. These automations saving you and your team hours in administration.

    Get the most out of Brex + Rippling:

    Here’s how you get started:

    1. Take 5 minutes to create your Brex account.
    2. Sign into your Rippling account.
    3. Go to the Rippling App Store, select Brex, and click “Connect.” You can go directly to the Brex app here.

    Today, we’re opening Rippling (and our benefits administration software) to every employee benefits broker in the country, so they can go head-to-head against digital brokers — and win.

    For the first time ever, brokers — and their clients — can work together in one integrated, modern HR and BenAdmin system that can successfully compete with the new wave of digital brokers, like Gusto and Namely.

    No more duct-taping disconnected BenAdmin systems (like EaseCentral, Employee Navigator, and Bswift) together with legacy HR systems (like ADP, Paychex, and Paylocity) to meet their clients needs.

    No more forcing businesses to leave their current broker for a digital broker, just so they can use modern, all-in-one HR software.

    With Rippling, you and your clients can get the best of both worlds: our modern all-in-one HR and IT software and your high-touch service.

    How Rippling is changing the game for brokers

    Many of the top 20 national firms, as well as smaller brokers across the country, are already using Rippling to:

    What makes Rippling different from other all-in-one HR Platforms and BenAdmin systems?

    Rippling takes benefits management one step further

    Your clients can get all the benefits (pun intended) of working with a powerful all-in-one HR system, while still getting the traditional broker experience throughout the year and at renewal time, including:

    Rippling can scale with your clients, from 2 to 1,000 employees

    Most BenAdmin platforms are built specifically for brokers and offer a wide range of functionality, but they often lack the sleek and modern UI that companies and their employees love. With Rippling you don’t have to compromise — we’re the first platform to offer all the feature functionality brokers need with the design to make your customers and their employees excited about the software their broker brought to the table.

    Rippling can also compete feature-to-feature with robust platforms like ADP Workforce, BambooHR, and Ease so your clients won’t have to switch systems as they grow from startup to medium-sized businesses. Rippling can fully support employees and contractors, in all 50 states and internationally — customers only need one system for a global workforce.

    Manage all your clients in a single dashboard

    Whether you have dozens of clients or hundreds, you can manage all of them in a single place.

    Rippling goes beyond HR, and helps companies streamline their IT, too

    Rippling is the world’s first way for businesses to manage their HR and IT — from their employee’s payroll and benefits, to their computers and apps — all in one, integrated system.

    In just 90-seconds, a company can set up (or disable) an employee’s payroll, health insurance, work computer, and access to third-party apps like Gmail, Microsoft Office, Slack, and Salesforce. And, when a company updates an employee’s department, for example, that update instantly cascades across all of those same systems. It’s a huge time saver for you and your clients. You’ll find that for many of your clients today, the same folks you have relationships with across HR and Finance are responsible for managing the IT admin work in their company as well.

    Introducing The Rippling Broker Program

    Our new Broker Partner Program makes it easy for you to work with us.

    No fancy certification programs, no exclusivity, no rev share partnerships. Just the idea that our mutual customers should get to choose the best technology solution for their business, and not be forced into a broker relationship they don’t want.

    If you’re interested, we’d love to talk. Simply request a demo here and a member of our Broker Partner Team will schedule a 1:1 introductory call.

    *Only for qualified Broker Partners

    Today, Rippling is launching Rippling for Accountants.

    Most accountants are introduced to Rippling by their clients — their clients are running payroll through Rippling and add a 3rd party accountant or bookkeeper to help with that process.

    As a result, some accountants end up with 4, 5, and in some cases 20 different Rippling accounts to manage on behalf of each of their clients. It can get cumbersome switching between different client accounts and keeping track of upcoming deadlines and payroll runs across dozens of different clients.

    The Client Command Center for Accountants and Bookkeepers — One View, Every Client

    Enter Rippling’s Client Command Center for accountants. The Client Command Center gives accountants one view of all their clients, in one dashboard.

    You can run payroll for any client company with two clicks from this dashboard, onboard or offboard an employee, and view a consolidated calendar of upcoming payroll deadlines across all your clients.


    What Rippling can do that no other payroll company can: take on your client’s back office, beyond payroll

    For accountants with a value-based pricing model, Rippling lets you dramatically increase the value of services you offer your clients, without spending any more time.

    Rippling isn’t just payroll. When you hire someone in Rippling, we set the employee up with payroll, but we also handle 100 other administrative headaches your clients already face, and which you can now take off their plate.

    For example, we:

    Why Rippling is a better payroll system

    We believe payroll that’s modern and delightful doesn’t need to be shallow and simplistic.

    Rippling payroll packs a heavy punch for advanced users, while still being simple & integrated enough that someone new to payroll can set it to auto-run and forget it. Here’s a few of the standard payroll features we think are particularly useful for accountants:

    The Rippling Accountant Partner Program

    Rippling is serious about partnering with bookkeepers and accountants to increase the value they provide for their clients beyond anything previously possible. To that end, we’re launching a partner program we think is unparalleled in the industry:

    See a Demo & Get Free Payroll for Your Clients for 2019

    Yep, that’s right. Your clients can get free payroll for all of 2019 if they sign up before Dec 31, 2018.

    You can request a demo of Rippling for Accountants today, here: