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ClickUp supports massive growth with faster employee onboarding through Rippling


reduction in time spent on HR & IT tasks


admin hours saved 
per month


faster employee onboarding


San Diego, CA



Implementation time

3 weeks

The Challenge

In addition to investing many hours manually managing employee benefits, payroll, and the entire onboarding process, ClickUp needed an HR platform that enabled them to scale employee onboarding during their massive growth.

The Outcome

With Rippling, ClickUp was able to support massive employee growth, reduce time spent on HR tasks by 66%, and onboard new employees 
20x faster!

Wes Brummette is the COO at ClickUp, an all-in-one productivity platform. Heading up operations since the beginning, he’s overseen many areas of the business, including support, legal, analytics, and HR. “As head of operations at a fast-moving, hyper-growth startup, I’ve had to manage many different tasks as we scale, from payroll to benefits, onboarding and more,” said Wes. “Unfortunately, it means I don’t get to spend as much time on what I’m passionate about: experimenting with new ideas to drive the company forward.”

Unable to scale with Zenefits

Prior to hiring Rippling, the company was using Zenefits to manage their payroll—but Wes knew the solution could not scale to meet their needs. “As our team continued to grow at a rapid pace, I knew we needed an HR platform that would allow us to reliably scale, that provided continuous quality service, and that required minimal oversight from our internal team,” he said.

Wes was originally interested in switching to Gusto but decided to research Rippling after hearing about it. He was excited by Rippling’s ability to automate not just payroll, but also other time-consuming HR and IT tasks, including benefits administration and employee management. “We decided to go with Rippling—the solution hit the nail on the head for so many of the things I was looking for,” he said. “The implementation only took three weeks and was seamless. Our customer success manager was helpful and proactive, always thinking a few steps ahead.”

Because Rippling handles so much, we’ve been able to support our massive employee growth while staying agile and reliable.”

Wes BrummetteCOO of ClickUp

Supporting employee growth with Rippling

With Rippling, ClickUp has been able to support a more than 200% growth in employees while allowing the company to stay lean. “Because Rippling handles so much, we’ve been able to support our massive employee growth while staying agile and reliable in our operations,” said Wes. “Rippling is truly all in one, it’s like the ClickUp of HR platforms.”

Payroll and benefits streamlined

After implementing Rippling, Wes has decreased his time spent managing payroll and benefits from six hours a week to two. “Every hour is precious, so it’s great to get back time in the day that I need,” he said.

Rippling’s UI is fast and intuitive, and easier to navigate than other HR platforms,” said Wes. “I can easily create different pay schedules and pay types, as well as ‘set it and forget it’ with Rippling’s recurring deductions and reimbursements; both of those used to be manual processes.”

“The fact that Rippling integrates with so many solutions is very convenient. For example, our integration with TSheets, a time tracking and employee scheduling app, has dramatically simplified our overtime calculations,” said Wes. “Additionally, we can now pay our contractors through Rippling instead of wire transfers. They love that it’s a more systematic process.”

Rippling’s UI is fast and intuitive, and easier to navigate than other HR platforms.”

Wes BrummetteCOO of ClickUp

Previously, Wes was managing benefits manually, which meant that employees had to submit physical paperwork to apply for benefits. With Rippling, Wes is able to manage all of ClickUp’s benefits in one place and automate some of the previous busy work, like updating deductions in payroll.

“Our previous platform Zenefits had some plug-and-play benefits options, but Rippling truly goes above and beyond,” said Wes. Employees now use Rippling to review and enroll in benefits online with a clear understanding of how much different plans will cost—meaning that they no longer have to turn to Wes with questions. He also loves that they’re able to share “previews” of benefits to prospective candidates so they can get a full sense of the options available.

“Rippling’s support and success teams have also been exceptional,” said Wes. “Our insurance broker has been able to work directly with your support team, so things get turned around very quickly

Onboarding new employees in minutes

Prior to Rippling, Wes was manually onboarding new employees with a small team, but that quickly became unsustainable as the team began to grow at a massive rate, especially during weeks when as many as 15 new people were starting. “There were so many tasks we had to complete for each person, it started getting overwhelming,” he said.

Now, Rippling automatically sets up new employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and documents, meaning that Wes has reduced time spent on onboarding employees from five hours to 15 minutes. “It’s almost instant and there’s no oversight needed on my end,” he said. “I also really like the thoughtful touches built into the software. For example, when we hire a new employee, Rippling automatically sets up their email to be created on their start date.

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