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Elucd cuts health costs by 40% while gaining a modern HR & IT system with Rippling


reduction in healthcare costs


faster onboarding process


New York, NY



Implementation time

5 days

The Challenge

Elucd was spending significant time onboarding new employees. The company was also unhappy with the high cost of healthcare and lack of options for small businesses like theirs.

The Outcome

With Rippling PEO, Elucd has been able to cut healthcare costs by 40% while providing better healthcare for employees working in several different states. They’re also able to onboard employees 40 times faster than before.

Michael Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Elucd, a technology company born from a lifelong fascination with “helping governments better serve their citizens.” As the non-technical founder, he found himself owning many different parts of the company, including logistics, finance, and HR operations.

“As a CEO, the most valuable use of my time is in sales, which can mean direct sales or selling the vision to a new employee or customer. Anytime I’m doing something outside of that, it’s not a good use of my time,” Michael explains. “At the same time, it’s unnecessary at this stage of the company to hire someone devoted to HR or Operations. Rippling drastically reduced the time I was spending on the HR side, while also saving the company money because we can postpone that additional headcount.”

Previously, Elucd was using Gusto for payroll. Michael wasn’t looking to switch, but after hearing about Rippling, he had to look into it. Onboarding employees took up a large portion of his time, so when he heard that Rippling could take care of employee management, along with payroll and benefits, he was excited. “Rippling solves many of the issues I was having with HR and IT in one product. I didn’t even realize that was possible,” he said. “Rippling was also comparable to Gusto from a cost perspective, but provided more value.”

Implementation: less time than onboarding one employee

Another factor that was crucial in his decision to switch was Rippling’s white-glove service in taking care of the transition, which appealed to him as a “busy, early-stage founder with no HR department.” The implementation process took five days and required little work on Michael’s part. “Rippling is incredibly professional and made everything go smoothly. They told me exactly what I had to do and when. The amount of work that I had to put in took me less time than onboarding one employee,” he said.

Onboarding employees in minutes instead of hours

Prior to Rippling, it could take Michael up to 10 hours to onboard a new employee. “Whenever an employee was starting, I would use a Trello board to keep track of the myriad things involved to get them on board. This ran the gamut from getting their I-9 verified to signing them up for transit benefits to making sure Dropbox, Slack, and Github were provisioned,” he said.

On top of that, Michael was always worrying if he missed something. “As a busy CEO, that’s additional stress I don’t need. Onboarding employees now takes 15 minutes. Rippling has helped automate this entire process and made it repeatable, so I no longer have to think about it.”

He went on to say, “With Rippling, I love that our employee database is at the heart of everything. If I change someone’s role, move them to a different department, or offboard them, the change automatically ripples through all our other systems.

Rippling also helps Elucd keep costs down by deprovisioning software when employees leave. “Previously, we paid $120 for a Dropbox license for someone who hadn’t been at the company for a year,” Michael said. “Rippling can help us mitigate this going forward.”

Support that feels like a personal concierge

When it came to support, Michael never feltas though Gusto treated him like a priority. “For complicated matters, like a notice from New York State, it could take a few weeks for them to respond,” he said. “In contrast, the support I get with Rippling feels like my own personal concierge.”

With Rippling, Michael has been impressed not only with the speed and empathy with which his questions are answered, but also with the depth of expertise that comes with it. “Rippling treats me like I’m a human, not a support ticket. On top of that, it’s clear that the support agents come with a true depth of knowledge in this arena, which I appreciate immensely.”

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