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Device assigned more than 4 years ago

When a device was assigned to the current employee more than 4 years ago, assign a Task to the IT admins.

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Device assigned to an employee more than 4 years ago

How to alert IT to replace old devices

With Rippling’s Workflow Automator, you can automatically assign a Task to your IT admin to replace any employee device that was assigned 4 years ago.

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Rippling Device Management

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As any IT team would tell you, one of the most frequent requests they get from their employees is for a newer, faster device—even when their current devices are performing just as they should be.

That’s why it’s a prudent, as well as common, practice for IT teams to institute policies around when and why a device should be replaced—like only after a certain number of years, or if the device cannot be operated. That way, they can ensure that their employees aren’t slowed down by a poorly performing device, while setting expectations across the organization around when they can reasonably ask for a replacement.

But keeping track of when a device is assigned across hundreds and thousands of employees is a tall order for even the most motivated IT teams.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to stay on top of when an employee is due for a refresh. When an employee has had a device for 4 years, Rippling will automatically assign a Task to your IT admin to replace their device.

Want to be alerted at 2 years instead of 4? As with all our workflow Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs, including when it should trigger, what the action should be, who it should go to, and more.

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About Rippling Device Management

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