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Force-merged pull requests report

Report on and view the unreviewed pull requests (PRs) that were force-merged.

How to track unreviewed and force-merged pull requests

With Rippling’s ‘Force-Merged Pull Request Report’, you can report on and view the unreviewed pull requests (PRs) that were nevertheless merged.

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Ensuring that PRs are properly reviewed before they’re merged helps ensure both a high quality of code and keeps the overall team efficiency high.

After all, if an error is allowed to slip in without review, that results in extra work for the team, who have to roll back the release and review the code afresh.

That’s why it’s important that managers be able to identify when and by whom unreviewed PRs are force-merged, so they can take quick and direct action to address and discourage that behavior in the future.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to pull data from Github to view a list of the unreviewed PRs that were force-merged, grouped by employee, manager, level and more. That way, it’s easy to spot trends that can help inform the best course of action to take to reduce such instances in the future.

Not a Github user? As with all our report Recipes, you can customize this template with additional data, filters, grouping, and more to help you answer your specific questions.

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