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FSA balance expiring reminder

When an employee’s flexible spending account (FSA) balance is expiring soon, send a notification to let them know.

When this happens

Flexible spending account balance expiring soon

Then do this

Send a notification to an employee, manager, admin, department, or team

How to remind employees to spend expiring FSA funds

With Rippling’s Workflow Automator, you can automatically trigger a reminder to employees who have funds in an expiring FSA, urging them to spend it before the deadline.

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Recipe Overview

A flexible spending account (FSA) saves employees a significant amount of money, allowing them to put pre-tax dollars aside towards out-of-pocket medical expenses in the year.

But while FSAs come with a significant financial upside, there’s also a significant risk: which is that FSA contributions typically expire at the end of the year.

And that means employees could stand to lose a significant amount of their hard-earned dollars, if they overestimate their contributions and fail to keep a close eye on their balance.

With this Recipe, you can save your employees some potential heartache (as well as dollars). When the FSA expiry date is near, Rippling will automatically send a reminder to employees with over $100 in their FSA account, urging them to spend it before the deadline.

Want to decrease the balance to $50 instead? As with all our workflow Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs, including when it should trigger, what the action should be, who it should go to, and more.

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