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Rippling password reset alert

When an employee resets their Rippling password, send an alert to their manager and IT admin.

How to alert IT of password resets

With Rippling’s Workflow Automator, you can automatically trigger an alert to a manager and IT admin when an employee resets their password.

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Rippling HRIS

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Data breaches pose a significant threat, not just to your company’s sensitive data but to its overall reputation as well. That’s why it’s good—and common—practice for companies to ensure their employees change their passwords on a regular basis.

But a password reset—when initiated by an employee of their own accord—can be a cause for suspicion. And though the reason behind the change is more likely that not innocuous, like a forgetful employee, or lack of access to their password manager, it’s still important for security teams to confirm that the person behind the reset is in fact their employee, and not a malicious hacker.

With this Recipe, your security team can stay on top of password resets. When an employee resets their password, Rippling will automatically trigger a notification to the IT admin, alerting them to the suspicious behavior.

Prefer to assign a Task instead? As with all our workflow Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs, including when it should trigger, what the actions should be, who it should go to, and more.

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