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Zendesk tickets resolved per hour report template

Report on and view the total number of Zendesk tickets resolved by an agent per hour worked.

How to calculate how many Zendesk tickets are resolved per hour

With Rippling’s ‘Resolved Zendesk Tickets Report’, you can report on and view the total number of Zendesk tickets resolved by an agent per hour worked.

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When it comes to coaching your team, it’s important for you to be able to understand how your team is currently performing—what are they doing well, and where could they use a little help?

For example, if an agent is consistently resolving fewer tickets per shift than their colleagues, that could indicate an underlying issue they need help with. Maybe they’re not as familiar with the subject matter as they should be, or are having issues with the support tool or internet connection.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to pull data from Zendesk to view the total number of tickets an agent resolves over the total number of hours worked in the pay period. That way you can get a picture of how productive your employees are, and identify your top performers versus those that may need some extra training.

Want to increase your report duration to 45 days or more? As with all our report Recipes, you can customize this template with additional data, filters, grouping, and more to help you answer your specific questions.

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Zendesk offers CRM software for support, sales and customer engagement designed to create better customer relationships. From large enterprises to start-ups, Zendesk believes that powerful, innovative customer experience should be within reach for every company, no matter the size, industry or ambition.

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