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The state of the back office leader

Our finger is on the pulse of HR, Finance, and IT leadership. As the first quarter wraps up, the back office leaders are re-evaluating the priorities they’ve established for the year and sizing up the challenges they face. 

We surveyed more than 1,200 managers and executives spanning HR, finance, and IT at US-based companies with between 200 to 1,000 full-time employees. We found that these functions and their leaders have more in common than they may think. Download the report to understand what your peers are working on and glean valuable insight from their mistakes, challenges, and wins.

IN THIS report

Discover what’s on back office leaders’ minds, including:

Top priorities for 2024

Specific obstacles with technology

Plans to get ahead

The back office imperative

Leaders are battling competing priorities, working cross-functionally, and navigating challenges with their tech stacks.


of HR leaders want to consolidate
their tech stacks


of finance leaders want to consolidate
their tech stacks


of IT leaders want to consolidate
their tech stacks

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