Rippling teams up with DoorDash to bring office meals to remote teams


Feb 24, 2021

Good companies take good care of their people. But with everyone working from home, it’s more challenging to deliver the kinds of perks people love about an office environment. Things like gym memberships, dry cleaning, and childcare aren’t quite as useful when you’re quarantining. And then there’s catering, one of the most common perks companies offer their employees. It seems like a distant memory, but as it turns out, eating food is still a thing.

Rippling already partners with key benefits partners to help employers care for their employees, like Guideline for 401K and OneMedical for healthcare. Today, we’re excited to announce a juicy new partnership to help keep your teammates fed: DoorDash.

DoorDash for Work is the first and only way to automatically give all of your employees access to meal benefits. Rippling admins simply set a budget in Rippling, employees order their lunch through DoorDash, and the charge gets added to your company’s Rippling bill. (We’ll settle up with DoorDash on your behalf.)

Increase employee productivity 12% -- just by making it easier to get some grub

By reducing the need to run errands and prep food during the workday, you empower employees to focus on projects that really matter.

Beyond driving an increase in performance, recognizing your employees with tangible benefits can help ease tensions during the new reality of remote work. Tawni Martino from Zoom says, “Recently, due to COVID-19, our office has closed and we haven't been ordering large team dinners like we used to. However, we are still celebrating team members’ birthdays by sending them a fun dessert that they can enjoy through DoorDash for Work.” Showing care for employees' happiness can remind us that we are all in this together. In fact, 63% of companies with a robust food program in place have seen a positive impact on company culture.

Automate food benefits with an easy one-time setup

Rippling and DoorDash bring you the first way to effortlessly offer free delivery and meal stipends to your employees. We know running a startup can be draining, but your perks shouldn't be. You can implement food benefits in minutes using Rippling automation and smart rules. Set it up once and configure which departments and types of employees get access. For example, you can set up DashPass for only W-2 remote employees or for employees in certain locations. When new employees are hired, they’re automatically added to receive meal benefits based on your setup. 

Deliver happiness to your employees, fee-free 

With a DashPass subscription, offer $0 food delivery and reduced service fees on DoorDash and Caviar saving employees an average of $4-5 per order. And on top of that, you have happier, more productive employees.

Offer a customized meal stipend program in 3 minutes

Set budgets and guidelines for meal stipends. For example, you might choose to give your team $20 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 12pm and 7pm to spend with DoorDash restaurants. Rippling gives you one place to manage DoorDash delivery and meal stipends. Instead of having to enter each employee’s information into the DoorDash portal any time a new employee gets hired, Rippling does it automatically.

Plus, schedule fun awards - like one-year anniversary cakes

Award and celebrate your employees by giving them food stipends to treat themselves. From happy hours, to cakes on birthdays, to cupcakes for work anniversaries, help your employees enjoy their favorite cuisine from the safety of their homes. 

Remote work is the new normal.  Ensure that your benefits are delighting your employees, and keeping you competitive. DoorDash for Work is a concrete way to increase both productivity and the wellbeing of your employees. Especially during a time that has reminded us all of the importance of community and connection, finding ways to show care for employees can go a long way.

Start offering your employees food benefits with DoorDash for Work today.

last edited: April 20, 2023

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Matt MacInnis

Chief Operating Officer

Matt MacInnis is Chief Operating Officer at Rippling where he oversees business operations. He was previously co-founder and CEO of Inkling, a mobile learning platform that raised over $100 million in funding before being acquired in 2018. Before Inkling, Matt spent eight years at Apple, growing the use of its products in education and the sciences. He holds an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from Harvard, and lives in San Francisco with his husband and daughter.