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Manage all your employee spending in one place

Expenses. Bills. Payroll.

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Processed payroll


Issue reimbursements


Review card transactions


Pay vendor bill


Rippling Spend Overview

Consolidate. Automate. Control.

Bring all four types of spend – payroll, expenses, corporate cards, and bills – into a single system. Automate the busy work needed to close the books.

Expense Management

Review, approve and reimburse employee expenses faster than ever before.

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Bill Pay

Coming Soon

Pay vendors instantly via electronic payments, cheque or wire transfer.

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Pay your people in minutes, globally, with the world’s most powerful payroll engine.

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Rippling Platform

One source of truth for analytics, policies and more

Rippling connects all your systems to one source of truth for employee data, so you can update, manage, automate and report on everything in one unified platform.

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Pull all your finance data – from reimbursements to payroll – into any report you can imagine

Get the answers you need instantly – powered by RQL

Unify your data

The Employee Graph unifies data across your Rippling and third-party apps using a common data model, so you never have to combine separate data sets.

Query without coding

Rippling's report builder lets you ask complex questions of your data using intuitive Excel-like formulas. No SQL knowledge necessary.

Regulate access automatically

Role-based permissions limit visibility based on attributes such as level. If you share a report, Rippling only populates it with data the viewer has access to.


You set the policy. Rippling enforces it.

Rippling lets you create hyper-custom policies based on your employee data – role, team, location, you name it – and automatically applies them across your company.

Expense Policies

Bill Pay Policies


Automate all your approval chains

Manage spend proactively with automated custom workflows – such as alerts which are triggered when a department’s spend grows by a certain percentage.

Expense Approvals

Bill Pay Approvals


Automate even your most complex workflows

With Rippling, you can customise automated workflows – such as triggering an alert when a department’s spending grows by a certain percentage – to manage spending proactively.




onboarding AUTOMATION

Get new hires on the books in less than 90 seconds

Add to payroll

Prorate first cheque

Apply spend policies based on role

Set up NetSuite, Slack, Microsoft 365


Transition employees without breaking your finance systems

Update title

Increase compensation

Update spend policies based on new role

Update permissions in NetSuite

offboarding AUTOMATION

Remove employees from your payroll and reassign card access effortlessly

Remove from payroll

Cut final cheque, including annual leave and reimbursements

Re-assign spend to manager

Disable NetSuite, Slack, Microsoft 365


Everything you need to easily manage corporate spending

General ledger sync

Sync expenses to your general ledger and auto-categorise each expense’s fields, saving your team painstaking hours of work.

Easily audit expenses

All spending in Rippling has an audit trail, making it easy to quickly view who changed which expenses.

Manage expenses on the go

With Rippling’s mobile app, it’s easy to manage employee expenses, even when you’re away from your desktop.

500+ integrations

There’s a good chance the other software you love to use is included in our library of third-party integrations.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.