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Harver doubles its candidate management efficiency with Rippling Recruiting

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Harver’s recruiting team paid too much for an inherited Applicant Tracking System (ATS) they found overcomplicated and underutilized. The company wanted a more affordable solution that would save them time and sync with their other HR products. After switching to Rippling Recruiting, Harver became twice as efficient for half the price.


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Pain Points

Harver’s prior recruiting software didn’t integrate with other systems in its tech stack; recruiters drained time manually transferring data

The expensive price tag of their former ATS came with features Harver didn’t use or need, which hindered profitability

Harver’s hiring managers found their previous ATS interface complicated and had trouble configuring workflows to fit their recruiting processes

The lack of buy-in meant the Global Talent Acquisition Manager had to chase down recruiters to submit candidate information and interview feedback

The Challenge

Harver helped hundreds of clients use data to make faster, better hiring decisions. But after undergoing a large-scale acquisition and rebrand, the company assessed its own talent search methods and found its recruiting software could use an update.

“We wanted to reduce cost on all fronts,” said Fariha Samad, Harver’s Global Talent Acquisition Manager. “The motto we ran with was ‘operational efficiency’—doing better with less.”

That first meant consolidating Harver’s HR tech stack, going from 10 vendors to just a single solution—Rippling. And while Harver still used the same ATS, Fariha wanted a more cost-effective recruiting solution to better integrate with its new HR systems.

As the sole person overseeing Harver’s recruiting efforts, Fariha drained hours of her packed schedule doing manual work caused by the old ATS’s lack of integration with other tools: posting job descriptions, re-entering data across multiple systems, and nudging hiring managers to submit feedback after interviewing candidates. Recruiters also hit roadblocks learning how to effectively use the ATS and properly configure its workflows.

The Solution

After looking at several other solutions, Harver chose Rippling Recruiting as their new ATS.

“Rippling came at a much lighter price tag, felt easy enough for hiring managers to use, and had a much better interface than what we had before,” Fariha said. “Going back to the motto of ‘operational efficiency,’ it made the most sense to reduce our HR tech stack to one system.”


New jobs posted and filled—in a fraction of the time

Instead of using a patchwork of different systems, Fariha now uses Rippling Recruiting to quickly open and post new roles, tag hiring managers (who all had existing Rippling profiles) to alert them of resumes, and schedule calls for interviews.

Once Fariha’s team lands on an applicant they’d like to hire, Rippling automatically fills the candidate’s information into an offer letter—without anyone needing to manually input any data. From there, candidates who accept the offer are automatically converted into employees.


Better candidate feedback

Fariha also uses Rippling Recruiting to collect candidate feedback. “It works beautifully now because Rippling is the one chasing hiring managers instead of me because they get an automated reminder to submit feedback every day.”

And the recruiters have an easier time collaborating—Fariha appreciates the platform’s comments box, where authorized hiring managers can tag and discuss candidates. She also likes Rippling Recruiting’s AI-rendered summaries comparing feedback reports from different interviewers.


Tight integration of all employee data

Now, all of Harver’s recruiting and HR functions coexist under the same solution. Harver’s new ATS seamlessly syncs with its other Rippling products, all of which are built on top of a single source of truth for employee data, making it easy to report on who’s joining and leaving the company.

The Impact

  • 2x more efficient with candidate management: “Running the process from start to finish, half of my time has been saved doing things like scheduling calls, collecting feedback, and moving candidates across workflows.” 
  • 50% reduction in cost compared to Harver’s former ATS

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