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Application status report template

Report on and view a list of the applications your employees have access to.

How to identify which apps employees have access to

With Rippling’s ‘Application Access Report’, you can report on and view a list of your employees and the applications they have access to.

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Rippling HRIS

Rippling App Management

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Recipe Overview

When a company is smaller, it’s easy to keep track of which employees are using which software or apps, when those app licenses were purchased, and who was responsible for provisioning them to others on the team.

But as the number of employees in a company grows, and responsibilities become shared amongst other IT admins, it becomes near impossible to maintain that running list in just the heads of your IT team.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to view a list of your employees and the applications they have access to, along with other details like when that access was given and by whom. That way, IT admins have a clear understanding of application access across the organization.

Want to include your employees’ department to your report? As with all our report Recipes, you can customize this template with additional data, filters, grouping, and more to help you answer your specific questions.

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