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COVID-19 vaccination status bundle

COVID-19 vaccination status tracking and report template bundle.

How to report on and track your employees’ vaccination status

With this Rippling template bundle, you can easily track each employee’s vaccination status with automatic collection and storage of required documents and a pre-made status report.

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Rippling HRIS

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2020 has opened the door to remote work for employees across the globe—and while many have embraced the idea of a permanent home office, there’s still a fair portion of workers that desire a return to the office, or at least a hybrid mix of the two.

For employers, and HR teams in particular, that means having to figure out the logistics of that permanent or hybrid return, which includes ensuring that every employee that shares in your joint space is in good health and properly vaccinated.

With this Recipe bundle, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to keep track of your employees’ vaccination status, including a:

Custom Field. Collect information from your employees on their vaccination status, which includes uploading proof of vaccination

Report. View your employees’ vaccination status across the organization

Workflow. Automatically notify an employee's manager and the HR team if they indicate that they’re unvaccinated or are unable to provide proof of their vaccination

Want to add a vaccination expiry field as well? As with all our bundle Recipes, you can customize this bundle to your exact needs.

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