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Employee attrition bundle

Report on and view your monthly employee turnover, and notify your HR team when a department’s attrition exceeds a specific threshold.

How to calculate employee turnover

With Rippling’s ‘Employee Attrition Report’, you can report on and view your monthly employee turnover, and automatically notify your HR team when a department’s attrition exceeds a specific threshold.

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Rippling HRIS

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Replacing employees that voluntarily leave your company is an expensive endeavor.

Not only does it cost money to source and hire new candidates, but it’s also expensive in the more intangible costs; like the institutional knowledge that is lost when an employee leaves, and the time that hiring managers and people across the company have to spend interviewing and onboarding a new hire afresh.

That’s why it pays for a company to keep a close eye on attrition, so they can identify the underlying reason behind their employees leaving, and identify ways to reduce those numbers.

With this Recipe bundle, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to keep track of and reduce your employee attrition, including a:

Formula Field. Calculate your monthly employee turnover as a percentage of your company

Report. View your monthly employee turnover (both aggregate and percentage) by department, location, team, and manager

Workflow. Automatically notify your HR team if a department’s attrition rate exceeds a specified threshold

Want to extend your report to include attrition rates across your teams and locations? As with all our Recipes, you can customize this bundle to your exact needs.

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Manage all your people operations from one powerful, intuitive system. From payroll to benefits, employee engagement to time tracking, Rippling's deep understanding of your employees and operations helps you automate away busy work. Finally, you can focus on the important stuff—your people.

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