Manage and automate the entire employee lifecycle

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


A full-suite HCM.
Built from the ground up. 

Most HCMs consist of siloed modules. Every application in Rippling was built to work together. Rippling's best-of-breed apps cover the full breadth of your global HR needs from onboarding to offboarding.



Pay employees and contractors in minutes with a modern payroll system that has a 100% accuracy guarantee.

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Global Payroll

Pay your people, worldwide. Pay everyone in their local currency, automatically file taxes, and automate your global compliance work.

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Benefits Administration

Manage your teams benefits— from health insurance to retirement plans—in one integrated system.

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Connect and automate every hiring process. Automatically give every department the tools and insights they need.

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Compliance 360

Proactively flag and fix compliance infractions in every jurisdiction where your business operates.


Performance Management

Painlessly manage goals, performance reviews, calibration, and compensation.

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Time & Attendance

Time tracking for hourly employees. Automatic compliance checks for time cards with hours synced directly to payroll.

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Build, manage, and automate schedules that align with your labor needs, cut costs, boost retention, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

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Learning Management

Streamline employee training—from sexual harassment to security training.

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Access better health insurance, dedicated HR support, automated state unemployment tax registration, and more.

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ASO Services

Automate time-intensive admin work, with HR and compliance services that help you manage your workforce as it grows.

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Global Employment

Hire, pay, and manage employees and contractors globally with unparalleled configurability by country.

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Easily survey your employees and analyze their feedback.

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Headcount Planning

Easily manage and stick to your global headcount plan.

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HR Management

Compensation Bands

Create and manage compensation bands for every role in your org

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Automate the entire new hire checklist

As soon as you click "Onboard," Rippling takes care of the rest—sending an offer letter, kicking off benefits enrollment, assigning trainings, and more—tailoring it all to the individual employee.

Generate offer letter & Handbook

Run background check & E-verify

Add to payroll & prorate check

Enroll in health insurance & 401(k)

Assign anti-sexual harassment training

Assign to apps (ex: Zoom, Slack, etc)


Handle promotions and other employee changes

Employee changes have downstream effects, like needing to assign new compliance trainings to someone who's moved states. Rippling automates these, saving hours of manual work.

Generate promotion paperwork

Change title to “Sales Manager”

Update salary in payroll

Update org chart

Assign manager training course


Cover your bases across every offboarding task

Offboarding someone in Rippling instantly starts a chain reaction of automation to ensure the employee's departure is secure, compliant, and minimally disruptive to your operations.

Generate separation agreements

Calculate & cut final paycheck

Remove from company benefits

Administer COBRA

Assign offboarding tasks to manager

Disable apps (Slack, Zoom, etc.)


Flag and fix costly compliance mistakes automatically

Rippling automatically flags hidden local, state, and federal compliance infractions—and recommends a plan of action for each one.


One HR system for your team everywhere

With Rippling, you can finally bring all of your employee data from around the world into a single system. Rippling dynamically localizes everything—from fields and documents to currencies—based on work location.


Shape your HCM to the way your business runs

The Employee Graph unifies all the data across your Rippling and third-party applications, so you can build reports, automations, policies, and permissions that do more for you—with less effort.

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Run any report on your workforce you can imagine. No code required.

Easily track hiring against open headcount with with reports that show progress by location, start date, cost, and more.

Identify retention risks by splicing and dicing exit survey responses by department, gender, or any employee attribute you can think of.

View total compensation data in one place, in real-time. No need to download CSVs from multiple systems and manipulate data every time you need to know an employee’s total comp.

Only Rippling allows you to report on your external employee data that lives in third-party apps—like Slack, Zendesk, and GitHub—alongside your internal HR data.

Schedule and share reports

Send out recurring financial reports for meetings across departments.

Create custom queries

RQL allows you to create Excel-like formulas that aggregate data across systems, like cost per team across quarters.

Unify your finance data

Rippling brings all the employee data scattered across your finance stack into one place.


What is an HCM?

A Human Capital Management system (HCM) consolidates the systems typically managed by human resources (HR), including headcount planning, compensation bands, recruiting, HRIS, time tracking, learning management, surveys, performance management, and more, into a single system. Combining these systems allows HR to get additional value out of their software through a common infrastructure and user interface. While many HCM providers build their full-suite acquiring products and stitching them together, Rippling builds all of its software in house. Its HRs application function seamlessly, making it easy to build automations and pull reports across different HR functions.

What is an HRIS vs. HCM?

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software solution that integrates various core HR functions and processes, such as storing employee data, managing payroll, and benefits administration. An HCM is more comprehensive than an HRIS, often including talent management, learning management, and more.

How is Rippling HCM different from other HCMs?

Most HCMs on the market today have been consolidated through mergers and  acquisitions. Every application on Rippling HCM was built in house and shares a common data model called the Employee Graph. This shared framework makes advanced reporting as easy as point and click, no code or data scientists required.

What is all-in-one HR software or an all-in-one HR platform?

The term “all-in-one” has become one of the most prevalent ways that vendors describe their HR offerings. However, not all all-in-ones are created equal. Many vendors check the boxes with the applications you’d expect, like applicant tracking or benefits administration, but something’s missing under the hood. Frankensystems provide a common user interface while operating like separate systems at the data level. This makes it hard or impossible to centrally manage permissions, create reports that combine disparate datasets, and automate manual work. Rippling believes there’s a better way to “all-in-one”—building a unified set of applications on top of a common platform that operates more like the operating system on your laptop than a bunch of disconnected applications.

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Rippling is a single platform that can help your business manage all of its employee data and operations, no matter its size.