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Offload your HR & IT admin work and focus on driving your business forward

From payroll and benefits to compliance and device management, Rippling automates your admin work so you can focus on your business.

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4.9 Star Rating


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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Better HR & benefits, for less

With Rippling PEO, your team can access big-company benefits—including large group health plans, 401k retirement plans, and HSA, FSA, and commuter flex benefits—for less than you’re paying today.

Fortune 500-Caliber
Medical, Dental, Vision

Workers’ Comp Coverage

EPLI Coverage
(Employment Liability)

worry-free COmpliance Services

Protect your business

Rippling automatically crosses your T’s and dots your I’s to ensure compliance while enabling you to navigate sensitive employment issues and mitigate risk.

HR question?
We’re here to help.

Need help figuring out how to calculate a final paycheck or configure PTO policies?

Our team is here to help answer your questions.

Automate your company’s compliance

Let Rippling support your benefits, payroll, and labor compliance with:

ACA and COBRA administration

Mandatory workplace posters

Minimum wage laws

Avoid costly claims

Not sure how to handle a sensitive employment issue?
We'll advise you on how to avoid:

Wrongful termination claims

Harassment claims

Discrimination claims


The average cost for employment cases that resulted in a defense and settlement *

* 2017 Hiscox guide to Employee Lawsuits

Remote Work, Simplified

Make it easier to manage a distributed team

From automatic state and local tax registration to remote laptop management, Rippling PEO makes it easy to hire and onboard people anywhere.

Easy on, Easy off

Easily move on and off the Rippling PEO

One day, you might decide to bring all of your HR in-house, and therefore, outgrow the need for a PEO. If that day comes, you can turn off Rippling PEO and immediately transition to Rippling’s all-in-one HR platform with zero business disruption. Your HR, payroll, and employee data will be still be stored in your account. Your integrations with your other systems will remain intact. Your employees will have the same login, and they’ll continue using Rippling the exact same way.

No other PEO offers a standalone HR platform. So if you ever outgrow any other PEO, you’ll spend months setting up an entirely new HR system—from payroll, to integrations, and more.

Transparent Pricing

One flat employee rate, no hidden fees

Unlike many legacy PEOs that use bundled fees and surcharges to increase profit margins, Rippling PEO keeps it simple: just pay one, fixed-rate administrative fee and not a penny more.

Modern Provider

PEO software you’ll actually love

Most PEOs run on software built in the 80's (really). Only Rippling runs on modern software that offers all the benefits and none of the headaches of legacy PEOs.

Setup in weeks, not months

Simplify your HR and IT

Easily switch on and off

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Learn how Rippling PEO can help you streamline and save on HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance.