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HR & Payroll as efficient as your production line

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating

Full-Service Payroll

Run payroll in minutes, not hours

Rippling syncs all your business’s HR data with payroll. Never manually enter data, such as hours worked or use a calculator to crunch shift differentials, PTO, and multiple pay rates again.


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Review & Approve Payroll

Time & Attendance

Stress-free time tracking and scheduling

Just need to track time? Use Rippling Time & Attendance to fully automate time tracking from clock-in to pay cheque. Approved hours sync instantly with Rippling Payroll so you never have to manually calculate or reconcile hours again.

For deeper needs such as shift scheduling, leverage our industry-leading third-party partners like Deputy, Tsheets or WhenIWork to build, manage and track shifts in minutes.

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Integrate with best-in-class scheduling systems

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Worry-free compliance

Take employment compliance off of your plate

Automatically assign compliance training such as anti-harassment training to employees at the right time. You can even build rules to ensure employees have completed appropriate courses such as safety training before they can clock in to a specific job. From automated tax filings to right-to-work documentation, P60s, and additional health coverage paperwork, Rippling helps you navigate always-changing regulations.

Custom reports

Create and customise any report imaginable

Rippling’s powerful, easy-to-use reporting engine gives your team the insight they need to make smart staffing decisions and provide detailed audit logs for compliance purposes.

Mobile App

Purpose built for a workforce that’s on-the-go

Rippling’s mobile app ensures your workforce can do everything they need to on their phone. Whether it’s to access their payslip, take a training course, clock in and log hours, request time off or review their benefits, our mobile app is tailor-made for your on-the-go workforce.

See how you can automate your workflows and reporting with Rippling’s growing library of pre-built templates.

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