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Calculate decile rank of employee’s total compensation

Use this formula to calculate the decile ranking of an employee’s compensation against their department.

How to calculate employee compensation

With Rippling Formula Fields, you can calculate the decile rank of an employee’s total compensation and compare it to the compensation in the rest of their department.

What do you need?

Rippling HRIS

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Recipe overview

When it comes to making decisions on employee compensation, it’s helpful to understand how an employee’s salary compares to the rest of their team, department, or even the organization at large.

For example, are they being paid significantly less than their colleagues with the same years of experience? In which case, you should consider a raise to help bring them up to par. Or if they’ve consistently been a top-performer on your team, you’d probably want to ensure that their compensation matches up to their standing in your company.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to view the decile rank of an employee’s total compensation in the context of the rest of their department—that way, you have the context you need to make fair, equitable decisions on employee salary.

Prefer a quartile ranking instead? As with all our Formula Field Recipes, you can customize this template to fit your exact needs.

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