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Offer letter expiring reminder and notification

When a candidate’s offer deadline is approaching, send a reminder to the candidate and a notification to their hiring manager.

When this happens

Offer letter expiration date is approaching

Then do this

Send a notification to an employee, manager, admin, department, or team

How to remind candidates of expiring offer letters

With Rippling’s Workflow Automator, you can automatically trigger a reminder to candidates with nearly expiring offer letters and send a notification to their hiring manager.

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Rippling HRIS

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Recipe Overview

When a company extends an offer to a candidate, they’ll typically include an expiration date—that way, the candidate isn’t left guessing about how long they have to make their decision, and the company isn’t left waiting indefinitely, and unsure of whether they should start their search again.

And while companies should definitely refrain from making a candidate feel rushed, a gentle reminder of the expiration date, or better yet, a personal note from the hiring manager, can make a candidate feel valued and wanted, and steer them towards your offer over others.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to raise your chances of securing your new hire. When the expiration date of a candidate’s offer letter is approaching, Rippling will automatically send a reminder to the candidate and an alert to their hiring manager prompting them to reach out.

Want to notify their recruiter as well? As with all our workflow Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs, including when it should trigger, what the action should be, who it should go to, and more.

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