Customer Spotlight

Double Good saved USD 50,000/year by cutting onboarding and payroll time by 10x


admin hours saved per month


faster employee onboarding


saved in productivity costs and software


Chicago, IL



Implementation time

4 weeks

The Challenge

Double Good was struggling with frequent payroll errors in Paylocity, hours wasted on reporting and complex on/offboarding.

The Outcome

Since adding Rippling, they've turned pay run approvals into a 10 minute affair, cut onboarding time by 10x and manage their hourly teams with ease.

Double Good is a digitally native vertical brand (DNVB) reimagining the experience of product-based fundraising. So far, they have helped raise over USD 100 million to help kids do what they love. Their team of 70 lacked a dedicated payroll specialist though, and Dan (CFO) was getting frustrated with Paylocity. In his words, "it felt like we always got payroll wrong." Siloed, disparate systems meant their hourly workers' data wasn't syncing well, entries took hours and reporting was a nightmare. Celia (People) hated spending hours in "clunky" onboarding/offboarding flows, while trying to track employee devices and app access (Gmail, TSheets, Zoom, Slack, etc.) in Google Sheets.

Celia was quickly sold on Rippling's depth of integration and easy-to-use UI. She felt "Rippling just has that edge" and Dan agreed. Fast forward through a 4 week implementation, including connecting TSheets and onboarding their insurance broker Launchways, and they're thrilled. Celia has cut her onboarding time by 10x, Dan's saving hours on reporting and things are now simple enough that "we don’t have to be an expert in payroll or benefits anymore to get it right."

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