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Access control for HR, IT, and Finance

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Give employees the tools they need, without giving up control

Control Access

Control people’s access to Rippling services, like Rippling Payroll and third-party apps like Slack.

Control Data

Control what data people can view and edit across all of your HR, IT and Finance systems.

Control Approvals

Control system changes by automatically ensuring the right people approve them first.


Meet the world’s most flexible permission system

Our role-based permission system allows you to automatically give other people—like managers and junior admins—access to specific Rippling services, as well as your third-party apps, based on their department, level and more. You can also precisely control what information they can view and change in Rippling—from salary to SSN to device OS.


Give your team the power to do more

Unlike other systems, you can share Rippling’s capabilities with managers, too. HR can allow managers to run their own headcount turnover reports, IT can let managers automate Slack notifications, and so much more.



Allow managers to make changes—but only with your approval

Hire. Promote. Provision apps. Approve expenses. You can finally allow managers to manage HR, IT and Finance tasks like these on their own, while maintaining full visibility and control.

Role-Based Approvals

Approve requests 10x faster with role-based approvals

Define your chains of approval once based on your organization's roles (instead of specific people), and whenever someone requests a change, Rippling will automatically send it to the right people in your company for approval. Only after everyone approves will Rippling make the change in your systems.


Rippling can handle even the most complex approval chains

Rippling’s hyper-customizable approval chains give you more control over your internal approval processes than any other system. Customize every step, from choosing who needs to approve requests based on if the change goes above a specific threshold to the specific order that people need to approve the request in.


Changing people’s role changes their permissions—automatically

Tired of having to update people’s permissions every time their role changes? When you change an employee's role in Rippling, they automatically inherit the permissions associated with that role.

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