Policy Engine

The easiest way to design & enforce your company’s policies

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating

POLicies overview

Rippling lets you apply any policy to any system, from one place

The secret to our flexible policy engine: Rippling Supergroups

Unlike other systems, Rippling lets you build everything from custom PTO policies to app access policies, and then automatically apply them to people based on “Supergroups” — policy membership lists you define based on any employee attributes within your company, such as people's location, department, tenure, and devices.


Supergroups make creating complex policies simple

No matter how unique your company’s policies are, you can easily implement them yourself using Supergroups. No code required.


policy enforcement

Automate policy enforcement so you can rest easy

Rippling helps automate all of the error-prone work behind policy enforcement—like sending reminders, updating systems, and more.


Changing people’s role changes their policies—automatically

When you change people’s role in Rippling, they auto-inherit all of the policies you predefined for that role. No action needed from you.

Cross-App Policies

Deeply integrate your policies with all of your systems

Other systems claim to be "integrated"—but are they really? For example, can they let you design a policy that automatically blocks employees from clocking in and starting their shift until they complete their compliance training courses? Rippling can.

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