Payroll so powerful it can run itself

INSTANT and reliable

Run payroll in 90 seconds

Rippling syncs all your business’s HR data with payroll so you never have to use a calculator or manually enter data, like hours and deductions.

100% error-free guarantee

Pay employees accurately, on time, every pay run. Once your employee data is in our system, Rippling takes care of the rest.

Automatic tax filing

Rippling calculates and files your payroll taxes with the right federal and provincial agencies—even when employees move.

Dedicated mobile app

With Rippling’s mobile app, your employees can see their pay stubs, request time off, and even view their T4s on the go.

Customer Spotlight

MRG cut their payroll costs by 33% and saved over 1,000 administrative hours by switching from ADP to Rippling


Automate your compliance work

From SIN confirmation Details to T4s, Rippling handles your tax and compliance work, keeping your business compliant with the right forms, laws and regulations.

Minimum wage




Effortlessly report on anything you want

Use our library of pre-built reports or build your own using any employee data in Rippling. You can visualize and share reports, too, enabling every department to make informed decisions, faster.

See how Rippling can support your operations in Canada

Rippling is an authorized payroll provider by Canada Revenue Agency, Canada’s revenue service for federal and most provincial and territorial governments. Ripping is also an authorized payroll provider by Revenu Quebec, Quebec’s government tax agency, with the SW-11-V certification. Both agencies require a provider’s software to meet rigorous testing requirements to achieve authorization.


How long does it take to run payroll end to end via Rippling?

2–5 minutes

How long does it take to process payroll after you submit payroll?

4 business days

Will payroll funds be sent to employees?


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Tax Filings

Which payroll taxes are automatically calculated?

Income tax, Employer Health Tax, ROE

Which additional taxes are filed with Rippling Full-service Filings?

Employer Health Tax*

*EHT requires certain thresholds before it's calculated, so it may not be applicable for every company

Are payroll taxes automatically paid?


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Tax Documents

Which tax documents are prepared and filed for employees?

TD1, T4, ROE and RL-1

Which tax document is prepared and filed for contractors?


Time Tracking and Time Off

Are non-compliant sick leave policies flagged?

Yes, through Compliance 360

Are overtime policies built to support local requirements?

Yes, at the provincial level

Are default calendars created for federal and non-federal holidays?



Are intercompany journal entries supported with Netsuite?


How are intercompany journal entries supported with other accounting integrations?

Companies can connect their accounting software with each entity individually to ensure the journals are recorded under the proper legal entity

Employee Types and Compensation Structure

What employment types are supported?

Salaried, Full-Time Employee / Hourly, Part-Time Employees / Contractors

What compensation structure is supported?

Employees can be hourly or salaried, with variable compensation. Supported types of Variable Compensation are

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a) sales target bonuses
b) signing bonuses.

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Minimum wage tracking

Are admins alerted if an employee’s compensation is below minimum wage?

Yes, at the provincial level through Compliance 360

Payroll Integrations

Manage every tool your payroll depends on in one integrated system

Time & Attendance

Easily track, approve and pay employees’ hours, without error or manual data entry.

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Benefits Administration

Manage all your employee benefits and automatically sync deductions to payroll.

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500+ integrations

Integrate Rippling Payroll with accounting software like Quickbooks and NetSuite.

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Run payroll your way, with the world’s most flexible payroll engine

Role-Based Permissions

Delegate tasks without sacrificing control

Customize data access and visibility by level, department and more, letting your team run payroll and reports with all the information that’s relevant to their roles—and none that isn’t.

workflow automator

Automate your least favourite parts of payroll

It’s time to stop wasting time. With Rippling, you can build alerts and approvals for almost anything. That means you won’t have to set reminders for timed payouts or chase approvals over email.

Dynamic General Ledger Mapping

Sync payroll & expenses to your general ledger

Save hours of reconciliation work each month by creating custom policies that sync your payroll and expense data to your general ledger and automatically categorize each account’s fields.


Pay employees and contractors around the world in a blink

Need to hire and pay people outside Canada? Rippling Global has you covered.

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Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates. Use them out of the box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

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Payroll built for all sizes, from 2 employees to 2,000+

All Provinces, Territories & International

Pay employees and contractors in seconds, wherever they are in the world.

Federal and provincial tax filing

Rippling automatically calculates and files your payroll taxes with federal and provincial tax agencies at the right time, every time.

T4, TD1 & new hire filings

Rippling automates your compliance work and ensures your company is always up to code so you never have to worry about it.

Time tracking

Effortlessly track your employees' hours and PTO. It's all automatically synced to payroll—no more spreadsheets, CSVs or headaches.

Job costing & multiple pay rates

Track where your employees' time goes and the cost of that time—by location, client, task and more.

Mobile app

Your employees can see their pay stubs, request time off and even view their T4s on the go in our mobile app.

We do everything with security and compliance in mind.

We adhere to GDPR and PIPEDA while annually auditing for SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.