Spend more time on your mission and less on HR & IT busywork

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Effortlessly onboard, pay & manage employees

Payroll that runs itself

Rippling syncs all your business’s HR data with payroll. Never manually enter data, like PTO hours, or use a calculator to crunch GRRSP, HSA or FSA deductions again.

Track and approve hours anywhere

Employees can use Rippling Time & Attendance to clock in and out straight from Rippling or the Rippling app, whether on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Approved hours sync instantly with payroll, and alerts will notify you of overtime limits before they’re reached.

Automate your compliance work

From SIN confirmation to managing and filing payroll taxes across Canada, Rippling handles compliance for you so that you can work—and worry—less.


Attract & nurture the talent that will help you make a difference

Ensure workforce well-being

Give your employees world-class health benefits through Rippling. They'll have the support they deserve with attractive benefits like retirement savings plans, extended health insurance and meal perks available right through the Rippling App Shop.

Modernize your employee experience

Rippling gives you all the tools that a modern workforce expects. Our intuitive self-service platform empowers your employees to make updates and changes themselves so you can stay focused on more strategic work.

Help your team continuously learn and grow

Keep your whole team engaged with access to 1,000+ pre-built training courses—covering topics like sexual harassment, legal and ethical compliance, and diversity, equity and inclusion—through Rippling Learning Management. Automatically enrol people based on title, location or department, and keep track of their progress.


Grow & track your impact with software built for the needs of NPOs

Allocations made easy

Track employee hours across all dimensions with Rippling job codes: time, projects, location, even grants. You can track hours and costs for budgeting purposes or to attribute hours and money back to funding.

Powerful reporting for transparency and control

Rippling is the only platform that unifies your workforce data with custom fields, workflows and reports. From payroll and recruiting to costs, historical data, audit logs and DEI tracking, we combine everything so you can uncover deep insights—and control who sees them.


Easy implementation & support

Getting your non-profit started on Rippling is simple. With a single, dedicated implementation manager, you'll always know what the next step is. Once you’re live, support is always just a chat or email away.

See how you can automate your workflows and reporting with Rippling’s growing library of pre-built templates.

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