Build high-performing teams painlessly

Rippling Performance Management is powered by your employee data. That makes it effortless to set up and sustain your performance process.


Connect every step of performance management

Align on goals and OKRs

Assign, share, and track goals across your company. Surface individuals’ goal progress in performance reviews.

Set up reviews in minutes

Configure your review cycles to run exactly the way you want, in a fraction of the time it takes other systems.

Calibrate ratings and raises

Collaborate on ratings, promotions, and raises. Effortlessly sync approved changes to payroll.

Identify performance trends

Report on performance alongside all your employee data to unlock deeper, more impactful insights.


Everything you need to develop and retain talent

Continuous feedback

Schedule feedback at whatever interval makes sense for your organization—monthly, quarterly, annually, or on a custom cadence.

Employee experience

Let employees view and revisit feedback in the same system they use on a daily basis instead of forcing them to sign in to another system.

Structured conversations

Equip managers with structured templates to guide their performance conversations with direct reports.

Customized feedback forms

Measure what’s most important for your org by customizing review criteria—or kick start your cycle using one of Rippling’s templates.

Peer nominations

Give employees the power to nominate their peer reviewers—and managers the ability to approve or counter-propose reviewers.

Development plans

Help low-performers get back on track by creating a development plan and setting a cadence for progress check-ins.

PDF packets

Revisit feedback easily with PDFs that snapshot the review cycle—or simply log in to Rippling to access past cycles.

One-click reminders

Finish your cycle in a timely manner by quickly spotting stragglers and alerting them to finish their reviews.

See everything that's included

Set continuous feedback
in motion

Kick off reviews based on any employee data or event. For example, you can trigger 30-60-90 check-ins to help new hires ramp.

Ensure quality feedback during manager changes

Build policies defining who reviews employees with recently changed managers. Assign skip-level managers, historical managers, and more.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.