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Highnoon saves 50% more time by automating HR & IT with Rippling


faster technology onboarding


reduction in time spent on HR & IT tasks


Tempe, Arizona


Marketing & Advertising

Implementation time

2 months

The Challenge

Prior to launching their business, Highnoon was searching for a workforce platform that could help them automate admin work for HR and IT from day one.

The Outcome

With Rippling, Highnoon onboards employees 10 times faster and saves 50% more time on HR and IT tasks.

Highnoon is a full-service marketing, advertising, consulting, and technology agency that helps medium to large organizations “turn their bold visions into reality.” As the agency’s Managing Partner, Scott Kaufmann sets the vision for the company and oversees daily operations.

“Rippling helps minimise the administrative work on the HR and IT side, which means I can spend more time on what I enjoy most: helping clients solve problems with innovative strategies,” he explains.

Automating HR operations and technology management

At his previous agency, Scott used a combination of Zenefits for people operations and Quickbooks Payroll for payroll. Prior to starting Highnoon, he knew he wanted to stick with a platform that could automate the HR portion. Scott evaluated a few competitors, like BambooHR, but it became clear that they were missing crucial portions of what Highnoon needed, like the ability to integrate with their 401(k) and time tracking software. Scott ended up choosing Rippling for Highnoon because he was excited by the platform’s ability not only to automate HR operations, but also to handle the IT side with app and device management. “At my previous agency, we had an issue where our people operations were automated, but our technology systems weren’t,” he said. “Rippling would finally be able to solve that for us.” Implementing Rippling was seamless and took about two months. Highnoon decided to take their time with the implementation; they knew they needed payroll and benefits on day one, but everything else could come later. “We actually ended up getting much more than that on the first day of work. We were able to connect several different systems into Rippling, including our office suite and project minutes, which was great,” Scott told us.

An all-in-one system that feels like
an enterprise product

“With Rippling’s added layer of technology management, the platform is able to harmonise both the HR and the IT side. Rippling has also continued to mature and add new features over time; it’s an all-in-one system that feels like an enterprise product,” said Scott. “Our employees are already used to seamless and intuitive experiences in their consumer technology – so we’re happy we can match that standard with Rippling’s modern payroll and benefits platform.”

Scott Kaufmann

Other highlights include:

50% time savings with identity and device management:

“By automating the technology management side, Rippling has saved us 50% more time compared to what we used at my previous agency. I love that we can provision devices with cascading permissions based on role, in addition to things like device ID tracking and managing SSO for all our different apps.

10x faster employee onboarding:

“At our previous company, provisioning employee devices with access was a heavy administrative burden and could take five hours. With Rippling, it takes 30 minutes at most.”

Intuitive, easy-to-use payroll:

“Rippling is more intuitive and easier to use than other payroll providers I’ve used, like ADP. I also appreciate their thoughtful touches that improve the employee experience, including providing digital copies of W-2s inside the Rippling portal, making them much easier to keep track of and easier for employees to access.”

Improved benefits management process:

“Rippling gives our employees a clear understanding of how much different insurance plans will cost, making it easy for them to be informed about which benefits to choose.”

400+ integrations to help automate admin work:

“It’s great that Rippling integrates with so many of our existing systems, including Cylance, a security suite that helps prevent malware and viruses.”

Different levels of access so everyone can take care of what they need to:

“Rippling provides us with just the right amount of granularity in terms of access for all of our different users. For example, we have a people ops manager and health insurance broker as admins with different levels of permissions, in addition to department leads who can manage the people processes and approvals for their teams autonomously.”

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