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Superhuman cuts employee onboarding time in half and finds a true innovation partner with Rippling


reduction in time spent on HR & IT tasks


admin hours saved per month

faster employee onboarding


San Francisco, CA



Implementation time

1.5 weeks

The Challenge

Superhuman was frustrated by the countless hours spent on manual work in Gusto, in addition to the significant time spent onboarding new employees.

The Outcome

With Rippling, Superhuman has reduced time spent on HR and IT tasks by 75% and cut employee onboarding time in half. Now the company can use the extra time to create the best experience for their employees.

As the Head of People at Superhuman, a blazingly fast email experience that saves its customers hours every week, Kristen Hayward cares deeply about helping people reach their “absolute fullest potential.” One of her team’s goals is to create “a delightful and inclusive employee experience” for Superhuman’s rapidly growing team—and she sees Rippling as crucial in achieving it.

Less than a month after joining Superhuman, Kristen had become increasingly frustrated with the existing payroll and benefits platform, Gusto—and she knew they had to go elsewhere. “I was spending an hour per day in Gusto because I had to run everything manually—and I don’t have that hour to spare,” she said. Superhuman also hires about 15 people per quarter. “Every time a new employee joined, our people managers had to create 20+ new accounts for all of our different apps,” she explained. “It took about six and a half hours to onboard someone.”

Kristen was initially interested in going with Zenefits, but gave Rippling a closer look after seeing that it integrated with Bennie, her benefits solution and broker. She loved that Rippling lets you manage payroll, benefits, apps and devices all in one place.

Fast, quality implementation

From the get-go, Kristen was impressed with the implementation process, which only took a week and a half and required “surprisingly minimal work.” In total, she spent less than 3 hours on the entire process, including internal change management, thanks to Rippling’s great implementation team. “Not only did Rippling take care of the heavy lifting, their quality control is fantastic. It’s normal to double-check things up front when you start with a new system, but I didn’t see any errors with Rippling.”

Happy employees

Kristen was also thrilled by the positive reactions from employees after running payroll with Rippling for the first time. “Employees were pinging me to tell me how glad they were that we’d switched. The process of setting up their accounts was easier, and they felt as though they were getting paid faster. It was constant praise,” she said. “This was a dream for me to hear because I want our team to have access to high-quality, beautifully designed, friction-free tools that they actually enjoy using—that’s all part of creating a delightful employee experience.

More time to focus on strategic work

With Rippling, Kristen now spends “almost no time” on manual people ops work. “The company’s People Ops Coordinator is currently on maternity leave, so even though I’m currently taking on her workload, I’m only spending about 15 minutes per day in Rippling,” she said. “Because we’re using Rippling, it means I don’t need to hire a full-time people ops generalist at this time. It’s essentially saving me a headcount, and I can use those resources towards something with larger business impact.” As a result, Kristen gets to spend more time doing what she enjoys: building great people programs.

Rippling has also freed up time for the wider team to focus on more strategic work. Because Rippling allows you to automatically provision employees’ apps securely when they join, the onboarding time for new employees has been reduced by more than 50%. As Kristen puts it, “Instead of spending time on creating new employee accounts, our people managers can now spend that time thinking about how to best welcome the person and set them up for success.

Kristen also loves that Rippling is a one-stop shop for employee management. “Originally, I was planning to invest in some additional systems alongside Gusto, including mobile device management, onboarding tasks management and a benefits admin system. Because Rippling does all of these things, that’s money back in our budget,” she said.

Support that goes above and beyond

One of Kristen’s favourite things about Rippling is the world-class support. “For me, the service component is just as important as the software component,” she explained. “With Rippling, I get responses in minutes, whereas the same questions could take other providers a week to solve.” As someone who cares deeply about her team, Kristen feels as though she’s found the perfect tool in Rippling. “Every person that I’ve worked with at Rippling has a real sense of empathy for our employees who are using their product daily—they want to create the best experience possible. It feels like Rippling is a partner for me in shaping that experience, not just a software provider.”

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