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Rippling vs. BambooHR

According to 11,500+ reviews*, users preferred Rippling over BambooHR for 4 reasons:

Rippling meets scaling business needs better than BambooHR

Rippling provides native Canadian payroll and proactive compliance

Rippling automates more admin work

Rippling integrates with more third-party apps

*Reviews compiled across G2, TrustRadius and Capterra



Meets requirements



Meets requirements

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Rippling scales with your business. BambooHR doesn't

While BambooHR typically meets the needs of companies with less than 150 employees, customers find that it lacks the depth, breadth and configurability for scaling businesses.


Basic HRIS (e.g. Canadian Payroll, time and attendance, benefits, etc.)

Full HCM Suite (e.g., advanced workflows, learning mgmt, headcount planning)

Advanced permissions

Automatic localization

(e.g., currency)

150+ countries


Rippling tracks compliance regulations so you don't have to

Unlike BambooHR, Rippling tracks federal, provincial and municipal laws across all provinces and territories and automatically sets compliance policies out of the box. It even sends you an alert if an infraction is detected so you that you can react quickly.


Tracks federal, provincial and municipal employment regulations across all provinces and territories

Built-in compliance (e.g., minimum leave, time off policies) for every state

Proactive notifications for compliance infractions

(e.g., overtime limits)


Rippling automates more admin work

Unlike BambooHR, Rippling automates admin work out of the box across all of your HR modules. Your processes can also be automated through the custom workflow builder which features pre-built workflow templates and can trigger actions in third-party applications.


Automate admin work across all HR modules (e.g., learning mgmt, headcount planning, etc.)

Pre-built reports


Workflow recipes out of the box


Ability to create custom fields

Trigger over 20 actions (e.g., surveys, payments, emails, Slack/Teams messages)


Rippling integrates with more third-party apps

Rippling integrates with 400+ more applications than BambooHR. Rippling’s integrations are also deeper because it is an identity provider. That means you can push and pull data with applications like Google Calendar and Jira.


Number of integrations


Provision and de-provision licenses

Can automate actions in third-party applications

(e.g., creating Jira tickets)

(only license provisioning)

What ex-bamboohr users say

"Rippling has been an absolute game-changer. They make it so easy to use and manage that we save so much time.

IT & Services Company

Less than 50 Employees

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