Hire contractors in Belize

Hiring contractors in Belize? Rippling can help you onboard and pay Belizean contractors in a single system. In just a few clicks, you can localize onboarding, provision IT and app access, and run payroll for your contractors in Belize—while staying compliant with local laws. 

Avg Time to Hiring

Less than 5 minutes



Time Zone

GMT-6 (Belmopan)

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at a glance

Hiring contractors in Belize can be a rollercoaster

Hiring Belizean contractors can be daunting if you're not familiar with the labor laws of this Central American nation. Whether you’re hiring in Belize City, Belmopan, or Punta Gorda, you must classify workers correctly and comply with the Belize Labor Act (2011). But with Rippling, you can scale your global team quickly and compliantly.


Support your Belizean contractors right out of the box with Rippling

Simplified Onboarding

Onboard contractors in Belize in 90 seconds

Rippling makes it incredibly easy to set up your Belizean contractors. Adapt everything—from contractor data fields and documents to currencies—based on their work location, comply with local laws using built-in consulting agreement templates, and provision app access with a few clicks.

Global Workforce Management

Seamlessly transition contractors to employees

As your business grows, your workforce needs change. You can easily transition a contractor to an employee in minutes while preserving any historical data. Hire and pay via Rippling EOR, or pay them through your own entity with Rippling Global Payroll.


Set up and manage your Belizean contractors’ IT needs

Give contractors access to apps like Google Workspace and Slack with a few clicks—and remove it just as easily at the end of their contracts. You can increase security by enforcing multi-factor authentication and even set up workflows to automatically alert you of any suspicious login activity.

Contractor Compensation

Easily pay Belizean contractors in BZD

Set payments in USD or their local currency, and easily pay all contractors in a single pay run, no matter where they are located. And if you need to pay someone off-cycle for a late invoice or add in a reimbursement? Rippling can take care of that.