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Quickly recruit and develop top talent

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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Power your people

Rippling Talent Management gives you the power to find, develop, and engage top talent for your business—all in one modern platform.



Easily source and hire the best candidates for your organization.



Seamlessly onboard new hires and set them up to succeed.



Ensure that your organization is up to speed and compliant.



Keep your employees engaged and up to date with announcements.


Track and recruit top talent

Simplify your entire hiring process with powerful sourcing, frictionless tracking, and every report you can think of—so you can fill job openings with the right people for your company.

Post openings to every job board with one click

Simultaneously publish open opportunities to every platform, from Indeed to LinkedIn, to quickly build your candidate pipeline with the best talent.

Set up custom hiring workflows and processes

Customize interview stages based on position, department, or seniority, and create approval flows and alerts for any of your company’s open roles.

Automate calendaring and scheduling

Integrate Outlook, Google, and more to quickly view people’s availability and schedule each interview stage.

Build any report you want, your way

Easily measure time-to-fill, pipeline, or candidate feedback, and even set alerts to trigger when there are outliers.

Send offer letter & new hire paperwork

Run background check

Add to payroll

Enrol in eligible benefits

Order & ship work computer

Set up third-party apps


Get employees up to speed

Give your employees the tools and training they need to be successful.

Keep your business up to date on compliance training

Track and enforce your organization’s compliance courses, from sexual harassment to cybersecurity.

Access hundreds of pre-made courses

Support career growth, keep your workforce competitive, and increase employee retention by providing access to hundreds of tools and courses.

Upload your own courses

Ensure consistent training across the company—regardless of department, location, or role—and give every team the skills to reach its performance goals.

Ensure your team is up to date on all compliance trainings and onboarding courses

Use Rippling Learning Management for employee and compliance training

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Keep your workforce engaged

Centralize resources, communicate company information, and stay up to date with all employee happenings—birthdays, new hires, work anniversaries, and more.

Product FEATUREs

Effortlessly manage your most valuable asset—your people

Applicant tracking

Seamlessly source and track your candidate pipeline to find the best talent for your business.

One-click job posting

Gone are the days of manually creating each individual job post—you can do it all in one click with Rippling.

Automatic calendaring & scheduling

Take the tedium out of interview scheduling by integrating with calendar apps like Outlook, iCal, Google, and more.

90-second onboarding

Rippling can set up your new hire’s payroll, benefits, devices, apps, documents, and more—all within 90 seconds.

Best-in-breed LMS integrations

Integrate with top learning management systems to provide your employees with the resources they need to excel.

Employee learning management

Track and manage all of your employee learning to ensure your people are up to speed and growing in their roles.

Up-to-date compliance

Make sure all your employees’ compliance training is on track. You can visualize the entire company’s progress and completion from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Pre-made & custom courses

Access hundreds of pre-made courses and build your own to ensure teams get the training that best fits your company.

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Hit the ground running with hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates and install one in seconds. You can use our templates out-of-the-box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2,000.