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4.9 Star Rating


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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Onboard, manage & pay employees easily across locations

Run payroll in 90 seconds

Rippling syncs all of your firm’s HR data with payroll. Never manually enter data, like PTO hours, or use a calculator to crunch 401(k), HSA, or FSA deductions again.

Automatic updates with employee changes

Complete changes in minutes, not hours. For example, when an employee is promoted to a management position, Rippling can automatically update their permissions in Rippling and other work apps based on preconfigured settings for their new role.

project tracking & insights

See where your teams’ time is spent—and what it costs you

Rippling is the only workforce platform to integrate job codes throughout the entire system, making it easy to know where employees’ time goes and whether it's profitable.

Job codes made easy

Employees can track hours across different clients or projects when they clock in or fill out a timesheet using Rippling Time & Attendance. You can create custom approvals and alerts for different job codes to ensure you’re maintaining profitability or to adjust project scope as needed.

Accounting integrations for simple or complex firms

Employee payroll costs can flow directly into your accounting software, like Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, or NetSuite. No manual updates or data entry required, which means job costing is incredibly easy.

Make faster, smarter decisions

Use Rippling’s rich analytics to make strategic decisions about your firm’s future. Track headcount changes, retention, diversity efforts, and payroll and benefit costs by client or department—and much more.

attract & retain top talent

Offer Fortune 500 health coverage, no matter your size

Access world-class employee health benefits through Rippling, with your trusted broker, or by leveraging our PEO offering. Differentiate your firm in this competitive hiring market by offering attractive benefits like 401(k), access to OneMedical, and DoorDash meal perks right through the Rippling App Shop.


Protect your firm and client data

We take IT security to the next level by automatically revoking access to employees’ work apps, email, and devices once offboarded, so your client data is always secure. Rippling itself is SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. We are built to handle confidential data securely.

Why our customers think we’re the best

See Rippling in action

Learn how Rippling can help you effortlessly onboard and manage your employees, whether you have a workforce of 1 or 1,000.