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How is this calculated?

Research shows companies on a PEO save an average of $1,775 per employee per year by helping lower their HR and benefits costs.

Our price comparison assumes the average employer cost for individual medical, dental, and vision benefits is $750 per employee per month.

The easiest way to manage your HR & IT

HR Management

IT Management


Time & Attendance



Power your people

Onboard new hires in 90 seconds and easily manage your employee's documents, time off, and more.

IT Mission Control

Rippling's add-on IT software lets you easily manage employees' laptops and apps, like Slack, Office 365, and more.

Run payroll in 90 seconds

Rippling Payroll practically runs itself. Everything is auto-calculated, from hours worked to tax deductions. You just need to click "Run."

Put time tracking on autopilot

Automatically track employees' hours from check-in to paycheck—no more manual entries, syncing issues, or late approvals.

Custom workflows, alerts and reports

Turn any information in Rippling into compelling reports, whether custom or built with one of our existing templates.

Streamline employee benefits

Easily manage all your employee benefits in one place—from your health insurance to 401K.


Better HR & benefits, for less 

With Rippling PEO, your team can access big-company benefits—including large group health plans, 401(k) retirement plans, and HSA, FSA, and commuter flex benefits—for less than you’re paying today.

Fortune 500-Caliber Medical, Dental, Vision

Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp Insurance

EPLI Coverage (Employment Liability)

How is this calculated?

Research shows companies on a PEO save an average of $1,775 per employee per year by helping lower their HR and benefits costs.

Our price comparison assumes the average employer cost for individual medical, dental, and vision benefits is $750 per employee per month.

healthcare concierge

Live one-on-one expert healthcare guidance for your team

If your employee needs help with anything from a basic benefits question to a complex billing issue, a Rightway Health Guide is just a chat or call away. They’ll educate, advise, and advocate on dozens of healthcare topics, including:

Benefits enrollment & health plan education

Symptom assessment and guidance toward appropriate type / site of care

Upfront healthcare costs & appointment scheduling

Help with understanding and / or disputing medical bills

worry-free COmpliance Services

Protect your business

Rippling automatically crosses your T’s and dots your I’s to ensure compliance while enabling you to navigate sensitive employment issues and mitigate risk.

HR question? We’re here to help.

Need help figuring out how to calculate a final paycheck or configure PTO policies?

Our team is here to help answer your questions.

Automate your company’s compliance

Let Rippling support your Federal, State and local labor compliance with:

ACA and COBRA administration

Mandatory workplace posters

Minimum wage laws

Avoid costly claims

Not sure how to handle a sensitive employment issue? We'll advise you on how to avoid:

Wrongful termination claims

Harassment claims

Discrimination claims


Average cost of employment cases that result in a defense and settlement *

* 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits

Remote Work, Simplified

Make it easier to manage a distributed team

From automatic state tax registration to remote laptop management, Rippling PEO makes it easy to hire and onboard people anywhere.

Easy on, Easy off

Easily move on and off Rippling PEO

Someday you may grow to the point that it makes more sense to bring HR in house instead of using a PEO. With other PEOs, that requires a painful switching process. With Rippling, all you need to do is turn off the PEO and transition seamlessly to our all-in-one HR platform. Your HR, payroll, and employee data will still be stored in your account, and your integrations with other systems will remain intact. Your employees will have the same logins, and they’ll continue using Rippling the same way they have been.

PEO software that you’ll actually love

Most PEOs run on software built in the 80s (really). Only Rippling runs on modern software that offers all the benefits and none of the headaches of legacy PEOs.

Set up in weeks, not months

Simplify your HR & IT

Easily switch on and off


What are the main benefits of working with a PEO?

A PEO allows companies to outsource critical HR & compliance administrative tasks, and get access to attractive large group benefit plans, which traditionally have not been available to small and mid-sized businesses. Read more: Professional Employer Organizations: Everything you need to know about PEOs

What is a Certified PEO (CPEO) and should I work with one?

Certified PEO is a voluntary Internal Revenue Service (IRS) certification program for PEOs. It was established in 2014 to enable the carryover of a client’s taxable wage base –however laws have since changed, and now PEOs that are not CPEO certified offer wage base carryover. There are several downsides and risks associated with Certified PEOs, which is why Rippling PEO does not plan to become a Certified PEO. Read more about why CPEO is not always the right solution.

Does Rippling PEO meet the requirements of a CPEO?

Yes. Rippling PEO meets all IRS requirements to become a certified PEO (CPEO), including having surety bonds that meet / exceed the IRS requirements in all states where these are required. However, we believe the downsides of becoming a CPEO outweigh the benefits, so we’ve chosen to not pursue this certification.

How is Rippling PEO different from other PEOs?

  1. Rippling PEO enables easy transitions both on / off our PEO product without any disruption to your employee or payroll data; this enables us to support customers throughout their growth cycles. 
  2. We automatically create state / local payroll tax accounts when you hire your first employee in a new state; we also keep your State unemployment insurance (SUI) rates up to date when they change.
  3. We provide our clients freedom of choice to choose their own flex benefits provider (FSA, HSA, commuter) and 401k provider.
  4. We’ve elected to be client-reporting for SUI purposes in all states where this can be easily supported, which enables our customers to continue to report SUI under their own SUI account number, and SUI rate.
  5. We automate compliance, like triggering digital labor law posters when an employee moves to a new tax jurisdiction; flagging minimum wage violations in product; delivering law alerts when HR laws change in states where you have employees; and suggesting employee handbook updates per your geographic footprint.

In what states is Rippling PEO available?

Rippling PEO is available in all 50 States.

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