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Jasper’s HR and IT teams work in lockstep with Rippling

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Jasper grew from 12 to 180 employees in just two years, putting a strain on the processes they had in place. HR and IT teams spent too much time coordinating when it came to onboarding new hires, managing devices and apps, updating calendars, and pulling reports. The company wanted one source of truth both teams could use to streamline efforts and create a seamless employee experience. After switching from Gusto to Rippling, Jasper was able to reduce friction between HR and IT and save countless hours by automating repetitive, manual tasks.


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Pain Points

Jasper’s previous onboarding and offboarding processes were highly manual, requiring heavy collaboration and coordination between IT and HR

IT and HR spent countless hours sharing spreadsheets, filing tickets, answering questions, and pulling reports

Jasper’s multiple data sources and disparate systems held them back from being able to automate manual work

Jasper had time-consuming and inefficient processes for provisioning app access, managing Slack groups, and creating email accounts.

The Challenge

Jasper helps marketing teams leverage AI and cutting-edge technology to elevate their content. They had a product and a team they knew would grow quickly, so they worked to put tools and systems in place to support their inevitable growth.

When Jasper’s Head of People Cassandra Margolin joined the company, she was in charge of everything: HRBP duties, onboarding, payroll, total rewards, benefits, DEI activities, and more.

“I was the one-stop shop,” Cassandra said. My big focus was making sure employees have a wonderful experience; from a culture standpoint but also completing HR tasks and removing internal friction where I could.”

Alex Yonetani, Jasper’s Head of IT, was also juggling multiple responsibilities: protecting company data, managing employee devices, provisioning and deprovisioning app access, and protecting the network from potential threats.

Before Rippling was fully implemented, Cassandra spent most of her time collaborating with IT, sharing spreadsheets, filing tickets, pulling reports, answering questions, and playing telephone. The two teams knew they needed to automate as much as possible to support their growth and set both HR and IT up for success.

After evaluating several solutions, Jasper decided to replace Gusto with Rippling to streamline HR and IT efforts and create a smooth process for internal teams and employees alike. This enabled the company to grow from 12 to 180 employees in under two years and supported multiple global acquisitions.

The fact that everything is all together and I don’t have to go in and link different systems between HCM and MDM makes it easy. It’s great that Rippling gives us one place to manage users and devices, as well as our onboarding and offboarding processes.

Alex Yonetani

Head of IT


One source of truth eliminates friction between HR and IT

Before Rippling, Jasper’s IT and HR teams experienced a lot of back-and-forth. For example, IT would create a new Google account for an employee, but after the employee’s first day, HR was notified they had a different preferred name. IT would then get a message to manually update the email to reflect the request.

Rippling gives IT and HR teams one source of truth on employee data to leverage for their respective functions. That means when you update information in Rippling, the change is automatically reflected across all apps and systems instantly. This cuts down on messages, IT tickets, and repetitive, manual tasks that take time away from more strategic work.

According to Cassandra, “It’s a lot less friction and fewer games of telephone. No need to file tickets to make sure IT has it covered. No need to manually pull information and enter it into a spreadsheet. A lot of IT processes are able to happen magically behind the scenes.”


Onboarding is set up the right way from the start

Cassandra dedicated two weeks to setting up the ideal onboarding process in Rippling. She partnered closely with IT to automate as much as possible from the start, including email creation, laptop delivery, access to core apps, email sends, training prompts, and Slack groups.

“Before Rippling, we were hiring so many people without any onboarding processes in place. Now, I’ve built all of it out using workflows within Rippling, and it’s a much smoother experience for employees,” she said.

Alex knows the importance of arming employees with the devices and apps they need for their first day on the job during onboarding. On day one, they already have meetings on the calendar and need to be able to message their managers and colleagues.

Jasper’s team uses Rippling IT to automatically give new hires access to core services on the Saturday before their start date. This usually includes Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, and WiFi permissions. Alex uses Rippling’s MDM to push out the WiFi password to each device so employees can access the network the second they arrive at the workplace.

“The WiFi just automatically works for folks, along with antivirus installation and device encryption. New hires are able to hit the ground running on day one because they already have access to all the core services they need,” Alex said.


Rippling Supergroups help HR and IT stay out of the weeds

Jasper utilizes Rippling’s Supergroups feature to provision the correct level of access within applications as well. Supergroups are dynamic sets of employees based on shared attributes. For example, Jasper has built a Supergroup to automatically add new Sales hires to groups like Sales channels within Slack or distribution lists within Gmail.

“I used to have to bother IT each time an employee became a manager or moved teams to get them added to the right groups in apps. Now, Rippling automatically updates their permission level without us ever having to think about it. It saves us a ton of time and headache” Cassandra said.

“Because we’re able to build access rules based on shared attributes like departments instead of individuals, it means we don’t have to touch it again in the future. It just stays up to date automatically.“

Jasper also leverages Supergroups to automate manual tasks like assigning employees to the right training courses.

“Our engineering department has additional security training on top of the regular new hire training. We are able to create very specific groups to make sure the right trainings are assigned. Without Supergroups, staying on top of these assignments would be very manual and difficult,” Cassandra said.


Device Management supports the entire employee lifecycle

Because Rippling IT products are natively integrated with user data and share the same source of truth with HR, it’s easy for Alex to have the info he needs at a glance. He uses Rippling’s MDM solution to quickly see who a device is assigned to, who their manager is, what department they’re in, what iOS they are using, if they have antivirus installed, and more.

This helps check the right boxes for SOC 2 reporting, giving auditors all the key information they need for certification. “Rippling makes it easy for me to generate a custom report, check on all of my devices, and hit different compliance checkpoints,” Alex said.

Rippling Device Management streamlines the ongoing management of employee devices as well, making it easy to push out security updates across multiple devices in one click, enforce encryption policies, and investigate activity in case a laptop is stolen. Offboarding is also simplified, letting Alex wipe devices during transport.


Always look to Rippling when faced with new challenges

When a new problem surfaces, Jasper’s HR and IT teams get together to see how Rippling can solve it. In a recent example, Cassandra and Alex wanted to find a way to automate Google calendars for the company, as managing time off calendars became difficult with a global workforce.

They added Rippling’s Time Off solution, which means they no longer needed to create individual calendars for each country. The best part? It was easy and convenient for employees to use.

The Impact

  • 1 full-time employee headcount saved by eliminating manual daily tasks
  • 85% reduction in time spent coordinating between HR and IT teams

It’s a lot less friction and fewer games of telephone.



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