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Rippling helped Sayari grow its remote workforce

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As remote work proliferated after the onset of COVID-19, Sayari widened its talent pool and scaled its business. Rippling ASO helped the company automate time-intensive administrative tasks like registering state payroll tax accounts and distributing locally compliant workplace posters—saving hours a month as their workforce grew by 5x.


hours per month saved using Rippling to open state tax accounts, distribute labor posters, and other HR tasks


new employees added since 2020


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Pain Points

Growing pains: Sayari’s headcount skyrocketed and compliance grew tricky for an HR team that wanted to stay lean.

Mountains of new tax accounts: Growing five-fold meant Sayari had to handle tax accounts for employees scattered across dozens of different jurisdictions.

A hodgepodge of workplace requirements: Different states have different requirements for labor resources that need to be publicized and shared

Keeping tried-and-true systems: Sayari first started using Rippling’s HRIS in 2019 and sought compliance help that’d integrate with existing systems.

Maintaining ownership: Sayari first looked into PEOs for help but decided it didn’t want to cede benefits ownership to a co-employer.

The Challenge

Sayari wanted to delegate HR tasks that grew trickier as the company scaled and hired new remote employees across the world—going from 30 in-person employees pre-COVID to a 148-person workforce today. 

Instead of sharing ownership of its benefits plans with a PEO, the firm sought trusted and personalized tax, compliance, and payroll support without overhauling its existing systems—all while hoping to keep costs low and support the company’s further growth.

“We used to do a lot of band-aid fixes and address issues as they came up without a longer-term solution,” Em said. “Now, we want to focus on using software that’s sustainable for our growth.”

In April of 2023, after seeing an email from Rippling about their new ASO offering, Sayari’s HR leaders took a demo and found it provided the exact services they wanted.


Automated state tax registration

Em and the rest of Sayari’s HR team use Rippling ASO to tackle HR processes that would take ages if manually repeated across every state where the company hires—since 55 employees live near company headquarters in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and the rest are spread remotely throughout the US, UK, Sweden, and Canada.

Take payroll tax registration, which Rippling can automatically handle on Sayari’s behalf. “Registering for state taxes, closing those accounts when we don’t need them anymore, and having to keep track of any changes—these are all taken off the finance team’s plate,” Em said of the positive feedback from colleagues. 


Seamless workplace poster distribution

Sayari also uses Rippling to distribute locally required workplace posters, including state-specific information on workers’ compensation coverage, unemployment insurance, and leave entitlements. “If you have employees in different states, it’s hard to keep track of,” Em said.

 “Automating that has been amazing,” Em said. “I don’t have to worry about it. It’s on people’s profiles; we have versions to post and print around our office and versions to host in a digital file.”


Expert support on demand—while keeping control

Em also appreciates the robust support system across Rippling products and feels like she has the backing of on-call HR experts. “I think I reach out to the team at Rippling almost every other day,” she said. “We can go to Rippling for questions instead of reaching out to our legal team, which costs hefty fees.”

She also appreciates accessing support while keeping benefits in-house. “We look at Rippling ASO like it’s a mini PEO,” Em said. “We could get the support we were looking for without losing the ownership over benefits internally.”


Breezy transitions between Rippling services

Before signing up for Rippling ASO, Em said Sayari wanted to explore new HR services without replacing any of its existing systems. “Having everything in one place is a huge thing for us,” she said. “As Rippling has added features, it has made sense for us to add them to the system that we already have rather than implementing something new.”

According to Em, the transition to Rippling ASO was seamless. Rippling deducted costs from ASO features Sayari already used, like Rippling’s LMS, and coordinated bi-weekly meetings with Em to ensure satisfaction with the product. Sayari was immediately able to use Rippling ASO to register state taxes and send employee notices.


Ease of use

Em says all Sayari teams that interact with Rippling appreciate its modern, user-friendly software and how easy it is to quickly find important workforce data. 

“It's a very intuitive system to use. I really don't get questions from employees that they can't find something or they don't know where to go in the system, which is great because that can be a huge pain point for HR teams—having to just tell someone where to click!”

As we've grown, Rippling has grown alongside us. Whenever we needed a new feature, Rippling coincidentally made it around the same time.

Em Spakauskas,

People Operations Manager at Sayari

The Impact

  • With Rippling ASO, Sayari’s HR and finance teams save roughly 10 hours every month on administrative tasks like opening tax accounts and distributing labor posters.
  • With the help of several Rippling products, Sayari quintupled headcount, adding 118 employees since 2020.
  • Since Rippling worked out so well for Sayari, Em spread the word by making eight reference calls vouching for its slate of HR software products: “I recommend it to everyone.”

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