Customer Spotlight saves 30+ hours a month managing remote employees and contractors


admin hours saved per month

faster employee onboarding


siloed systems unified


100% remote


Gaming, Entertainment

Implementation time

4 weeks

The Challenge needed a single source of truth for their 200 remote team members, and were tired of cross-referencing multiple systems for contractors.

The Outcome

Rippling made it possible for 1 person to manage their team of 200 in a single system, with 3x faster onboarding, and complete peace of mind around security. is the #1 online destination for playing and mastering the game of chess. Their 100% remote team of 200 helps 36 million members play over 5 million games of chess each day. Bryce,’s Controller, runs all their HR, Finance, and Accounting, so his time is tight. Zenefits’ contractor model was forcing him to manage their 50 employees and 150 contractors across multiple systems, and he hated how hard it was to access simple information. “I was cross-referencing Pandadoc for their agreements, Pingboard for PTO, and Zenefits for payroll.”

He was also spending too much time tracking their 50+ SaaS apps in Google Sheets, and worried about security. “It’s super dangerous if people retain access to certain dev systems, and when someone left, I never knew if we removed them.” He wanted a single source of truth for employee management that would work with all the little edge cases of contractors and remote employees. After a quick 4 week implementation he handled all by himself, he’s sleeping easy at night knowing Rippling is “taking care of those 1000 little daily things, saving not just my time, but managers across the company’s time as well.”

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