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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Finally, one place to manage it all

Rippling is the first platform that allows you to effortlessly manage all of your people operations in one place—from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

All-in-one Solution

Unify your data & connect every system to one source of truth

Rippling is the only platform that brings all of your employee data—not just pieces of it—into one unified record. That way, you don’t have to reconcile and enter data in 100 different systems. Rippling gives you one place to manage, update, and report on everything.


Automate nearly any workflow

Rippling Workflow Automator lets you automate nearly any manual process across multiple systems at once. No code required.


Only Rippling lets you:

Go beyond simple IF/THEN automation

Rippling houses all your data and business context—from your org structure to third-party app data—so you can trigger actions off of any attribute, like an employee’s role, PTO balance, device OS, or spend limit.

Automate workflows across systems

Because Rippling integrates with nearly every system, you can trigger actions across all of your internal and third-party systems from one place—from payroll to Slack and Zendesk.


Unify and uplevel your analytics

Bring your HR, IT, Finance, and third-party data into one analytics system that lets you build and visualize any report you can imagine.


Only Rippling lets you:

Get all the data you need in one place

Tired of having to export data from five different systems into Excel to get the report you need? Rippling brings everything—payroll data, device data, third-party app data, and more—into one unified reporting system.

Create any report imaginable

With Rippling, you can easily build and visualize any report you want—from a PTO to SOC report—without having to be an SQL wizard. All it takes is a few clicks to add, group, calculate, and filter your data the exact way you want.

Unified Policies

Centralize and streamline your company’s policies

From PTO to security to expense policies, Rippling allows you to design any policy and apply it to all your systems from one place.


Only Rippling lets you:

Automate HR, IT, and Finance policies

PTO policies, expense policies, IT security policies and more—Rippling helps automate all of the error-prone work it takes to enforce those policies across all of your systems.

Create hyper-granular policies

Rippling lets you design custom policies and automatically apply them to employees based on “Supergroups”; policy membership lists you define using any data within your company.


Control people’s permissions and speed up approval requests

Design your company’s permissions and approval processes to your exact specifications. Then, apply them to every system in one place.


Only Rippling lets you:

Precisely control what data people can manage

Salary, equity, IP address—you can control exactly what data your employees can view and edit inside of Rippling, as well as your third-party apps, based on their location, department, level, and more.

Stay in control with flexible approvals

Configure Rippling approval chains to be as simple or complex as you need. No other system enables you to have this much fine-grained control.


Your all-in-one system
for automating the employee lifecycle


Onboard & offboard employees in 90 seconds

Rippling lets you set up employees in every system from one place in seconds—from your payroll and benefits to devices and apps. No more having to manually update 15 different systems or manually coordinate across HR, IT, and Finance.


Create, customize, send, & sign HR documents, automatically

Finally, HR paperwork without the ‘work.’ Rippling lets you instantly generate any document—offer letter, employee handbook, I-9, severance, and more—and collect electronic signatures from employees and signatories. Know which have been viewed, which are unsigned, and take action, like sending bulk reminders.


Easily assign tasks to managers and employees

Create and assign tasks to anyone in your company, whether they need to take a new hire to lunch or drop off their computer to IT on their last day. Simply set up tasks once, and Rippling handles everything from there.


Get a head start with our growing template library

The Rippling library provides hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow automation, reporting, and formula recipes. Use them to speed up and automate onboarding tasks, compliance reporting, and much more.


Extend the power of Rippling with 500+ integrations

Instantly add new hires to Slack, issue corporate cards with Brex, set employees’ expense limits with Expensify, and so much more.


The #1 Rated Workforce Platform

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