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4.9 Star Rating


4.9 Star Rating


Reimburse employees across the world in minutes, in their local currency

Reimburse people in 100+ countries

Rippling offers the fastest way to reimburse employees and contractors for corporate expenses, wherever they are in the world.

Issue payments in any currency

When you reimburse employees through Rippling Payroll, you can pay them in their local currency, and report on it in yours.

Collect receipts in any language

When an employee submits a receipt, Rippling can translate its line items and convert its currencies for the reviewer.


Flag every out-of-policy expense across your company—with zero effort

The most configurable policy engine in the world

Rippling is the only system that lets you build expense policies based on any employee data in your company—from your org structure to employee levels. More data means more granular policies, so your team spends less time manually reviewing and flagging out-of-policy expenses.



Answer every reimbursement question, right inside payroll

Only Rippling lets you drill down into reimbursement requests directly in pay runs. You can finally answer the question, “Why did this person spend $500?” without putting them on the spot and creating unnecessary tension.

Admin Experience

Employee Experience


Rippling takes care of all the reconciliation work for you

You hate chasing employees down and scouring receipts to verify amounts. Now you won’t have to do any of that busy work. Ever.

Add memos and receipts automatically

Rippling automatically reminds employees to complete their expenses, giving you back the hours spent hounding forgetful employees.

Dedupe expenses automatically

Rippling instantly catches duplicate expenses, warns the submitter, and then flags it for review if they still choose to submit.

Catch receipt mismatches instantly

Rippling flags mismatches between the transactions employees enter and receipts they upload—even when they’re in different currencies.


Rippling also handles 99% of the employee work required to manage expenses

Your employees are busy and sometimes a little forgetful, which slows down your efforts to close the books. Now you can help them help you.

Submit receipts via text message

Employees can submit expenses in seconds simply by snapping a picture of their receipt and texting it.

Forward receipts via email

Employees can match digital email receipts with their expenses simply by forwarding them to Rippling.

One app for paystubs and expenses

Rippling has the only mobile app where employees can view their paystubs and expenses in one place.

Rippling also automates all of those hard-to-reach places that other systems can't touch

Approval automation no other system can match

Other systems only support narrow approvals, and each approver needs to be assigned manually. Because it houses your employee data, Rippling can enable far more sophisticated approval chains—and they automatically update as your organization changes.

Automate workflows other systems can't

Instead of waiting to review the damage at the end of month, you can build automated workflows that closely monitor your spend activity and trigger actions, like sending an alert when a team’s spend suddenly grows.

Automatically give departments the right visibility into their spend

Rippling is the only platform where you can control access and visibility based on role. That means every team has the power to run in-depth reports on their own slice of their spend—and no one else’s.

What your CMO sees

What your Controller sees


Built to help you close the books in days, not weeks

General ledger sync

Sync expenses to your general ledger and automatically categorize each expense’s fields, saving your team painstaking hours of work.

Easily audit expenses

All spend in Rippling has an audit trail, making it easy to quickly view who changed which expenses.

Start threads on expenses

Every expense can be commented on directly, so approvers and admins can quickly resolve ambiguous spend.

Manage expenses on the go

With Rippling’s mobile app, it's easy to manage employee expenses, even when you're away.

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