Employer Of Record

Compliantly hire and pay global employees

Get started at super speed. Rippling automatically handles the hard parts of international EOR entities and compliance. Bring your global workforce and tools into one HR system.

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The Challenge

Employing internationally is stressful, because you don't know what you don't know

Missed Payroll

Local Tax Deadlines

Non-Compliant Contract

Overtime Laws

The solution

Rippling relieves your stress 
with expert global HR services

Hire and pay compliantly anywhere. Integrate your systems, without clunky workarounds. Automate the day to day tasks of HR, IT, and Finance, and focus on high priorities.

Onboard in minutes

Hire and onboard global employees to maximize productivity on day one. Rippling handles everything from benefits enrollment to assigning required trainings.

Pay locally in days—not weeks

Pay all of your employees around the world without delay. Rippling does the calculations and money movement for you. You’ll be free to focus on what matters.

Automate global compliance

Double-checking compliance risks takes time. Rippling runs securely in the background, continuously flagging potential risks.

Unify HR, IT, and Finance

Data entry and duplicate systems waste time. Every team has one source of employee data, so speedy automation can take on manual work.


Pay around the world 3× faster

Shorten payroll lead times

Rippling has the fastest payroll lead times—just 5 days to payday in popular markets, and 12 days in less common markets. Other EOR solutions typically take 3+ weeks.

Run payroll quickly

Instead of manual uploads, Rippling speeds up pay runs by auto-calculating payroll inputs for you— like hours worked, expense reimbursements, or time off. 

Calculate payroll accurately

Rippling has industry leading visibility for both employers and employees. You can see that taxes are taken care of, and trust the money is always going to the right place.

Compliance & Support

The global partner who doesn’t cut corners

Rippling sets a new industry standard for efficiency and reliability. We meticulously address every aspect of EOR management and compliance— without compromise.

Expert local advisors

Experts with an average of 10+ years of local HR experience can advise you on your questions. If you need extra help with the details of an employee issue, talk to someone who understands the local culture and requirements.

Locally aligned benefits

Attract talent with quality benefits that fit the requirements and culture of the country. Employees have visibility and control over their benefits, and you can rest easy knowing deductions automatically sync with payroll.

Continuous compliance

Get compliance right the first time. From employee agreements to in-product guardrails Rippling goes above and beyond to comply with local worker protections and protect employers from legal and reputational risks and fines.

Support you can count on

When you need support, Rippling answers in less than 30 seconds. Local experts give high quality answers.

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A reliable foundation for scalable growth

Rippling creates a home base for your global workforce, so you can consolidate the people you hire and the tools you use. Use the power of this data with our robust reporting.

Built-in HRIS

We go beyond the basics of document management and time off. Robust permissions, policy management, and customizable workflows means all organizations can save time on daily HR admin.

Seamless tools for daily work

Reduce complexity and time spent managing clunky integrations by choosing Rippling’s native solutions for LMS, time tracking, and expenses. As you grow, add advanced tools like performance management.

Robust reporting

Prepare for board meetings and plan ahead for hiring without manually pulling workforce data. Rippling is the only global hiring solution that gives you centralized, granular reporting.

See Rippling in action

One of our experts can show you how Rippling can 
effortlessly onboard and manage your global EOR.


What's an EOR?

An EOR, or Employer of Record, is a service that makes it possible for organizations to hire employees in countries where they do not have a local entity.

Establishing a local entity in a foreign country is time consuming and expensive. If a company is not prepared to make a long-term commitment to building a workforce in a given country, an EOR is a great alternative to compliantly employ internationally without the overhead of establishing an entity.

An EOR employs your international employee on your behalf and is responsible for payroll, remitting local taxes, providing required benefits, and other compliance obligations.

What is an EOR platform?

An EOR platform is a secure online portal where payroll, documentation, and HR compliance for global teams are managed.

Processes such as employee onboarding–including signing local employment contracts and agreements, payroll processing, and employee benefits administration are done on an EOR platform. .

What is the difference between an EOR and a PEO?

A professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a co-employer model in the U.S., where the PEO is responsible for a specific portion of the employer responsibilities, typically payroll, taxes, benefits, and workers' compensation insurance. An EOR, by contrast, is a global service where the EOR is the sole employer of record; the EOR employs workers on behalf of client companies without requiring them to open a local entity there. Learn more here.

How does an EOR work?

An EOR works by legally employing your international employees through it’s own local entities. 
EORs have expert knowledge and familiarity with local employment laws, and can ensure compliance regarding onboarding, payroll, compensation, benefits, severance and termination, and more. 

The EOR co-signs the employment contract with the employee, and then assigns the employee to your company through a service agreement. Your company is responsible for the daily management of the employee.

Can contractors submit their own invoices?

Contractors can generate their own invoices, which Rippling automatically routes for appropriate approvals. When Rippling has the information to generate an invoice automatically (like for contract terms of a fixed-rate every month, or hourly contractors who track time using Rippling), Rippling can also auto-generate invoices.