Hire, pay, and manage people around the world

Rippling’s Employer of Record (EOR) service gives you the power to hire people across the globe without setting up a local entity.


You run the business.
We manage the liability.

Setting up an entity adds a raft of foreign rules and regulations that you’re required to follow. With Rippling, your global compliance is taken care of.


The potential fine for paying below minimum wage in Ontario, CA. Other global legal risks, include:

Wrongful termination claims

Missing work authorizations

Non-compliant leave policies

Avoid common
compliance risks

Let Rippling protect your business and automate local jurisdiction compliance, with features such as:

Proactive compliance infraction alerts

Localized holiday & overtime rules

Minimum wage enforcement

Got HR questions?
We’re here to help.

Need help with sensitive employment issues or country-specific laws? Our HR advisors are experts in local jurisdictions.


Pay your employees and contractors around the world in 90 seconds

Pay everyone in their local currency

Seamlessly pay workers around the world without waiting for any bank transfers or conversion.

Automatically file taxes globally

Rippling instantly calculates and files payroll taxes for your employees worldwide.

Sync all your HR data with payroll

Sync hours, time off, deductions, and more with payroll from a single global system.

Use one GL integration for global spend

Save hours of reconciliation work each month with payroll and expense data that's automatically categorized and synced to your general ledger.

Securely offload payroll tasks

Precisely define which roles have access to payroll data and admin privileges—from approving hours worked to hitting “Run.”

Automate nearly any payroll process

Easily build custom workflows to notify people of important changes and automate administrative tasks—like triggering a reminder to pay a bonus.

Why rippling?

Bring your global workforce
into a single system

One HR system for all your people globally

Only Rippling can support all your employees and contractors. Finally, you can have one org chart, one reporting engine, one policy system.

A unified employee experience across borders

Other EORs force you to splinter your workforce across several systems, which results in an inconsistent employee experience.

The world’s first native global payroll software

Instead of outsourcing payroll to global vendors, Rippling’s payroll engine processes it natively, leading to faster processing times and more flexibility.


The only platform that can scale your international workforce

A business hiring its first contractor abroad has different needs from one operating several global offices. Rippling can help you address every stage of your international growth, while allowing you to transition easily between them.

Global contractor payments

Hire and pay contractors globally. No entity required.

Global Payroll via Rippling entities

Hire and pay employees globally via Rippling entities.

Global Payroll via your entities

Run payroll for employees globally via your own entities.

What is an Employer
of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider that allows companies to legally hire and work with employees in foreign countries without establishing their own legal entity in that country. This is made possible through a legal arrangement where the EOR establishes its own legal entity in the country and hires employees on behalf of the client company. This arrangement offers a viable solution for companies that wish to expand their global reach without investing in setting up a legal entity in every country where they operate.

If you're interested in learning more about EORs, international employment, and global payroll, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you need to understand EORs and their operations.

What are the benefits of using an Employer of Record?

Using an EOR to hire and manage employees globally has significant benefits. Establishing a formal business entity in a foreign country is a complex and risky process that requires deep knowledge of the regulatory systems in that country. An EOR minimizes compliance risk and simplifies the hiring process by providing immigration assistance, handling onboarding, payroll, and terminations, and managing the most sensitive regulated aspects of hiring and managing workers in another country.

By working with an EOR, companies can...

Eliminate the complexities and costs that come with opening their own legal entity in a foreign country

Accelerate their hiring process and avoid losing out on promising candidates

Ensure compliance with local employment laws and regulations by generating locally compliant employment contracts

Streamline their payroll process by handling local taxes, pensions, and statutory benefits

Offer their full-time global employees competitive benefits

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