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Thanks to Rippling, Sitemate saves time, gains insights, and stays compliant globally

Sitemate relied on siloed systems and tedious manual work to manage its HR needs. Rippling offered a unified solution that saved time, provided better data, and helped the company achieve sought-after SOC 2 compliance.


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Pain Points

Haphazard time-off requests: Sitemate’s accounting teams had to manually add time-off requests to their payroll software after a cascade of email chains.

Scattered employee date: Workforce information was spread across Confluence, Excel, email, and Slack, with no central source of truth.

Compliance hurdles: Sitemate sought SOC 2 compliance, but hit roadblocks with the status quo of their information systems.

Lack of scaling support: Sitemate looked for a new HR system that’d better help it quickly and compliantly expand into new global markets.

The Challenge

While Sitemate was busy helping industrial workers and companies streamline their processes and digitize their information, its own operations flow left a lot to be desired.

The industrial software company relied on a tangle of spreadsheets, emails, and Slack messages to manage its HR needs. Processes were highly manual—to request time off, employees would email their manager, who in turn would email someone in accounting, who’d then add it to Xero.

But as Sitemate expanded from its headquarters in Sydney to London, Vancouver, and other global markets, Sitemate turned its attention to internal processes and saw an opportunity. 

"We didn't have an HRIS system in place, so the operations team was fielding a lot of noise, a lot of 'what do I do' questions," said Annabel Tomlin, Sitemate’s VP of Operations. It was time for a change. Founder and CEO Hartley Pike went in search of a new solution. 

Sitemate found Rippling, which revitalized the company’s workforce management processes and fit its needs like a glove. 


A massive time-saver

“Rippling just makes it so much easier and more efficient for everybody,” Annabel said. “It’s saved us so much time.”

All Sitemate employees are now onboarded through Rippling, a process that’s become a snap. And employees have “found it really useful and easy to use,” said Annabel. “The experience has been super positive.” 

Sitemate managers are especially keen on the approvals app, which Annabel said is “a real game-changer.”

“That’s been really awesome to have. Managers can go in and request promotions or configuration changes for their team,” she said.

Rippling just makes it so much easier and more efficient for everybody. It’s saved us so much time

Annabel Tomlin

VP of Operations at Sitemate


A single source of truth—with powerful reporting capabilities

With Rippling, Sitemate finally had a platform that could house all of its data. “Having it all in one place is very handy,” as Annabel puts it. With one unified platform, the company can access powerful insights to share with key audiences. 

“It’s been handy in the recruitment process,” Annabel said, “being able to genuinely look at the makeup of our team and answer that question when someone asks, ‘How diverse is your team?’ I can actually pull the numbers and provide that information to hiring managers.”

In a similar vein, Sitemate now has a much clearer view of salary bands and compensation trends—and they can share critical data with the board and investors with confidence.


SOC 2 certification achieved

With Rippling’s app and device management, Sitemate successfully got its SOC 2 certification.


Support during global growth

As a multinational company that’s continually expanding across the globe, Sitemate’s complex needs are being met by Rippling. Hartley describes Rippling’s ability to scale policies globally as “priceless.” 

And what’s really delighted Annabel and her team: Rippling is growing and evolving along with them. 

“We’ve laughed sometimes because we talk about needing to improve this process, and then we get an email from Rippling saying, ‘We’ve got this new app! Do you need this?’ And then we’re like, oh my God, yeah, just what we needed! You guys have thought of everything that we need.”

The Impact

  • Keeping the back office lean: With Rippling, Sitemate saved two full-time administrative hires—even as the company expanded globally. 
  • Time saved: Sitemate saves more than 100 hours running payroll annually. 
  • An all-on-one solution: Sitemate consolidated three recruiting and onboarding systems into one easy-to-use platform.

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