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Rippling vs. ADP WFN

According to 18,000+ reviews*, users preferred Rippling over ADP WFN for 4 reasons:

Rippling has higher rated user experience

Rippling has higher rated customer support 

Rippling automates more admin work

Rippling offers more advanced reporting

*Reviews compiled across G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra



Likelihood to recommend



Likelihood to recommend

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Rippling is easier to use and adopt

Unlike ADP WFN, which has added many of its HR modules through third-party acquisitions, Rippling’s modules are all built in-house and fully integrated. This creates a consistent user experience, whether running payroll, requesting PTO, or creating a custom report.


G2 ease of use score

G2 ease of admin score

G2 employee payroll portal score

Consistent user interface across all modules

Natively built HR, IT, and finance solutions


Rippling has higher support satisfaction scores

Unlike ADP WFN, Rippling won’t put you on hold. Rippling's live chat instantly connects you to the right support specialist based on the module you’re in. Rippling's dedication to support is why we are the first in the industry to publish our support metrics online.


Customer help center

Live video calls with screen-sharing

Auto-connect to product specialist

Publicly publishes live support metrics

Average response time


Does not share

Customer satisfaction score


Does not share

Account-to-account manager ratio*



*For a company of ~150 employees


Rippling automates more admin work

Unlike ADP WFN, Rippling automates admin work out of the box across all of your HR modules. Your processes can also be automated through the custom workflow builder which features pre-built workflow templates and can trigger actions in third-party applications.


Custom workflow builder

Build custom workflows across any HR module

Automate task reminders and notifications

Trigger actions based on any event (e.g. compensation changes, involuntary terminations, promotions, etc.)

Trigger over 20 actions (e.g. surveys, payments, emails, Slack/Teams messages)


Rippling has more advanced reporting capabilities

Rippling allows you pull in nearly any piece of data from your HR, IT, Finance, and third-party systems, and then view or visualize it any way you want to. All without a single spreadsheet.


Pre-built reports

Custom cross-module reporting

Visualize any report

Excel functionality

(e.g.  pivot tables, formulas, etc.)

Report on data across your HR, IT, Finance, and third-party systems

Control what data people can view and edit based on any employee attribute (e.g. role, level, etc.)

What ex-ADP users say

We recently switched from the nightmare that we call ADP and couldn't be happier. I'm confident this is the last and only HR/Payroll we will ever need.

Computer Software Company

51-1000 Employees

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