Global Benefits

Provide local benefits. No expertise needed.

Rippling offers your global teams a trusted benefits experience wherever they are, and saves you the hassle of having to figure it out.

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Global Benefits

Choose health plan


Set dental insurance provider


Select other benefits


Check benefit compliance


Employer of Record

Offer high-quality benefits anywhere

By utilizing an Employer of Record, you can provide your global team with local benefits, knowing that you’ll be fully compliant, and without having to research local policies.

Plans for everyone

Choose from a range of options—from premium plans that meet or exceed local standards to plans that work for your budget. Get the best plan for you, and attract top talent.

Verified compliance

Rippling provides legally required plans based on your employee’s location so you don’t have to worry about researching local requirements.

A localized offering

Seamlessly offer local benefits from in-country providers without the need for research or special knowledge. Give employees the benefits experience they would receive from a local company.

Global Benefits Administration

When everyone can access information, administering benefits is easy

All benefits-related processes are simpler for your employees and for you. From handling carriers and compliance to pulling data for reports, you are automatically supported. 

Save time when teams self-serve

Employees can access plan details and make changes like updating pension contributions or adding dependents on their own. It saves them time and gives your HR team one less task to worry about.

On-time and in compliance

Rippling helps you prepare documents for carriers and brokers so employees can get the right coverage at the right time. Carrier and tax-compliant contribution reports are done on time and, in some cases, submitted for you.

Visibility into benefits costs

View benefit costs, including different lines of coverage and countries, throughout your organization. Get into the details to understand where your benefits costs are going.

Unified Platform

An all-in-one solution simplifies operations

Rippling lets you integrate global benefits into your workforce administration which makes employee onboarding, pay runs, and policy management faster and easier. 

Make life easier for employees

Benefits enrollment is connected to the onboarding flow, so it’s easy for employees to make selections. If they need medical or parental leave, they can manage their leave and benefits from a single place.

Connect benefits and payroll

Sync global benefits and payroll so they’re always aligned and changes occur automatically across both systems. For benefits that are publicly funded, contributions and deductions happen automatically, too.

Streamline policy management

Manage your entire global benefits program from one place, so you’re consistent in your policies while being compliant. Easily provide unique benefits for different employee groups in any location.

See Rippling in action

See how Rippling can show you how Rippling effortlessly onboards and manages your global contractors.


What is a global benefit?

A global benefit refers to any employee perk or entitlement offered uniformly across an international company, ensuring consistent treatment of employees in multiple countries. These benefits may include health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs that adapt to local regulations and cultural norms.

What are global benefit strategies?

Global benefit strategies involve designing and managing employee benefits that align with a company’s broader business objectives while meeting diverse employee needs across different countries. These strategies prioritize scalability, compliance, and localization to enhance employee satisfaction and retention on a global scale.

Who are the best global benefit vendors?

The best global benefit providers offer comprehensive services that ensure compliance with local laws and are customizable to meet the diverse needs of a global workforce. Leading providers are known for their robust platforms that manage and integrate benefits administration across multiple countries efficiently.

What are the key features in Rippling Global Benefits?

Rippling Global Benefits stand out for their seamless integration with payroll services, ease of managing and customizing benefits packages per region, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws. Key features include automated enrollment, real-time benefits management, and detailed analytics for tracking benefits utilization and costs.

How will benefits differ in a global company?

In a global company, benefits differ significantly due to varying local labor and insurance laws, cultural expectations, and economic conditions. Companies must adapt their benefits packages to meet each country's mandatory provisions, such as health coverage standards, retirement age, and public holidays, while also offering competitive perks that attract local talent.

Outside of the United States, Rippling does not underwrite any insurance business or otherwise act as an insurer or insurance advisor. Benefits are subject to terms, conditions and limitations, including limitations on the amount of coverage.