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Effortlessly manage and secure your company devices

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Device management so easy, you'll think it's magic

Rippling gives you a clear view of your active inventory so you always know who has which devices. Effortlessly assign, unassign, and reassign devices to employees. Rippling will even automatically send a terminated employee a shipping label and box to return their company-owned devices.

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Automatic enforcement of security policies

With Rippling, you can enforce encryption for all of your computers, enforce operating system updates to ensure the computers have the latest security patches, and even enforce password policies to make sure all employees’ passwords meet your company’s standards.


Easy encryption

In the event of laptop theft, encryption ensures that none of a machine’s valuable data can be accessed. That’s why Rippling lets you turn on encryption in just a few clicks—so you can rest easy knowing your company information is secure.


Automatic operating system updates

For both Mac and Windows machines, admins simply define the frequency of operating system updates and Rippling takes care of the rest—so you can be sure your company devices are always up to date.

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Password policy enforcement

Whether you want to enforce a complex password policy or enable password federation, Rippling makes password management easy. Admins can define granular password policies that are applied seamlessly to all devices—Mac or Windows.

Install apps and keep them up to date

Rippling not only installs the software your employees need to be productive—it also automatically installs updates for each app in a timely fashion. That way, you can be sure your systems are always up to date with the most recent versions of all software.

Easily secure your devices and data with antivirus software

Through its partnership with Cylance, Rippling offers an all-in-one solution to secure computers and push endpoint protection software to the entire fleet. This is managed entirely through the Rippling dashboard, so admins no longer need to chase users down to ensure they’ve installed antivirus software.

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