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One system to manage it all

Rippling Time & Attendance syncs directly with your payroll and PTO, giving you real-time insight into how employee hours are affecting payroll while giving your employees one platform to manage everything about their experience with your business—time tracking, payroll, PTO, benefits, and more.

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Preloaded with states’ break requirements

Rippling automatically enforces overtime, meal break, and other federal, state, and local labor laws based on each employee’s work location—so you can be sure your business is always in compliance.

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Configurable to your specific processes

In addition to having built-in policies that comply with every state’s labor regulations, Rippling has advanced custom alerts and approval chains integrated into the product. It’s all available through our mobile app as well as the web portal.

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Mobile timesheets and clocking

Employees can easily clock in and out through Rippling’s mobile app, not just at the start or end of the workday but also to track meal or rest breaks. For employees who do not need to clock in and out, Rippling’s app allows users to enter working hours directly into a timesheet from their smartphone.

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Know where your employees are when clocking

Using their phone’s GPS, Rippling can track an employee’s location when they record time so you can ensure they are where they’re supposed to be.


Set clock-in requirement based on location

For employees who must be at a set location in order to start work, Rippling allows you to set a GPS radius in which users must be located to clock in from their mobile devices.

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Easily track where employees’ time goes—and what it costs you

For employees who need to track their hours across different jobs or other dimensions—like location or customer—Rippling will prompt them to assign their hours to the appropriate job when clocking in or out.

supporting documents

Supporting documents on your timesheet

Through the mobile app, employees can attach notes, pictures, and any other documents to specific shifts.

break enforcement

Break enforcement and compliance

For states that require employees to take breaks, Rippling can prompt those employees to complete meal waivers via their mobile devices to confirm that they were offered a break.

Mobile notifications


Meal break

Send employees a reminder to take a break after they’ve worked for four hours.



Send a manager an alert when their employee is approaching or has gone into overtime.

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End of shift

Notify employees when their shifts are nearly over—whether 10 minutes before or another time you choose.



Send a manager an alert when they have a timecard to approve.


Cost control

Notify your finance team when an employee works excessive overtime.

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Early clock-out

Alert managers when an employee clocks out early.

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Timesheet completion

Send a reminder to employees who have not entered their hours for a given period.

Editing and approving time

Managers and payroll admins can easily view, edit, add, and approve employee timesheets directly from their mobile devices. They can also add comments and attachments to specific shifts and read notes posted by the employee.

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