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PTO usage report template

Report on and view how much leave each employee has taken, as well as the time since their last PTO.

How to calculate the amount of PTO an employee has taken

With Rippling’s ‘PTO Usage Report’, you can report on and view how much leave each employee has taken, as well as the time since their last PTO.

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As every employee knows, taking regular time away from work is key to preventing the dreaded employee burnout. And companies as well have become increasingly encouraging of their employees taking the time away from work to truly unplug and recharge.

Yet in spite of this welcome change, we continue to see a significant number of employees who, time and again, deny themselves the time off they deserve in favor of meeting just one more deadline in a series of unending projects.

That’s why it’s important for companies to take the lead to identify and encourage these passionate and hardworking employees to take the break away from work that they truly need.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to view a list of your employees and the total amount of time they’ve each taken leave, as well as when their last PTO was. That way, you can easily identify those employees in danger of burnout, and encourage them to take the leave they need.

Want to add more metrics to your Report? As with all our report Recipes, you can customize this template with additional data, filters, grouping, and more to help you answer your specific questions.

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