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Work authorization pending notification

When a new hire hasn’t received their work authorization document yet, send a notification to their manager.

When this happens

New hire waiting for work authorization

Then do this

Send a notification to an employee, manager, admin, department, or team

How to notify managers of pending work authorizations

With Rippling’s Workflow Automator, you can automatically trigger a notification to a hiring manager letting them know an employee is waiting for their work authorization.

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Rippling HRIS

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Recipe Overview

Before an employee can work in a country that they’re neither a citizen nor a permanent card holder to, they must first obtain legal authorization from that country to be able to do so.

In the US, for example, that can come in the form of an H1-B visa, which is typically applied for by the employer on behalf of the person they want to hire. Until that visa has been officially granted, the new hire isn’t allowed to start working despite being, on paper, a part of the company.

But sometimes, these authorizations can take longer than expected, and delay the timing for the new hire’s start. In those cases, it’s important to let their hiring manager know, so they can make arrangements for onboarding to be postponed, and work to be reassigned if needed.

With this Recipe, you’ll be able to keep your hiring manager aware of delays with their new hire’s authorization. When an employee is waiting for their work authorization, Rippling will automatically send a notification to their hiring manager to let them know.

Want to add more details to your notification? As with all our workflow Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs, including when it should trigger, what the action should be, who it should go to, and more.

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