Custom Shift Differentials

Automate your differential pay calculations

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What is shift differential?

Shift differential pay is additional or modified compensation based on the time or job tasks associated with an hourly employee's shift. For example, employees who work an overnight shift from midnight to 8 a.m. may receive a higher hourly rate than employees who work a standard day shift.


Differential pay, simplified

One integrated system

Because Rippling houses Time & Attendance and Payroll in one system, you can handle even the most complicated shift differentials for your employees.


Automatic pay rate calculations

When an employee clocks in during a special shift, their specific differential pay rate automatically syncs to Payroll—no calculators required.

Custom and configurable

With Rippling, you can create custom rules based on any time period or variable in our system, like location or department—or a combination of both.

Flexible types of differential pay rates

Rippling supports any type of differential pay, in any combination—so a night shift can be paid at a set rate, while a weekend shift is paid at 1.5x the hourly rate.

Blended rates and overtime

Rippling will calculate blended rates for employees working at multiple pay rates to ensure you’re paying correct overtime to your employees.

Types of shift differential

Use the pay policies that work best for your business


By time of day

Specify certain hours, like the graveyard shift, during which employees earn a different rate.


By day

Set weekends, holidays, or any other specific calendar day to receive differential pay.


By type of work

Pay your employees differently based on the type of work they’re doing.


And by so much more

Set up differential pay rules using nearly any variable in Rippling—from location to department.

Customize pay rates for each type of shift

Assign a set rate

Pay everyone who works a certain shift a flat rate. For example, employees working weekends can earn $20 per hour.

Add to their rate

Add an additional amount to an employee’s standard pay. For example, an employee working a third shift can earn an extra $5 per hour.

Multiply their rate

Pay a multiple of an employee’s standard pay. For example, someone working the graveyard shift can earn 1.5× their normal hourly rate.

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