Rippling hires Adam Swiecicki as CFO

The Rippling TeamDec 2, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Adam Swiecicki has joined Rippling as CFO!

Swiecicki joins from Brex, where he was also CFO. Swiecicki spent the early parts of his career in the finance industry at Viking Global, Hellman & Friedman, and Morgan Stanley. In addition to leading finance at Rippling, he will play a vital role in the expansion of Rippling’s Global Payroll and Spend Management platforms. 

Reflecting on his experience, Swiecicki notes, “As an investor, I bring a different lens than some CFOs. One of the most important jobs of a management team is capital allocation—I’ll help the organization make the highest ROI investments across R&D and Sales & Marketing.” 

He continues, “I believe Rippling has the opportunity and ambition to be one of the generational companies of our time. It is extremely rare to find a company with such a combination of TAM [Total Addressable Market] and product velocity. The metrics for a SaaS company at this scale are also almost unprecedented.”

The finance function, Swiecicki believes, “should not just be about forecasting and reporting. Instead, it must be a strategic thought partner to the business, an agent of change, and help business partners make decisions with the highest ROI.” 

At Rippling, he will champion a vision of “autonomous finance.” 

“We want to automate as many things like modeling and forecasting as we can via data and coding,” he says. “This will increase our accuracy and frees the finance team to work on more strategic work where it can add significant value.” 

The finance team is hiring. Under Swiecicki’s leadership, it is building “a best-in-class finance function that will support a best-in-class SaaS company.” A high-performance team is essential if, as Swiecicki so aptly concludes, “We want to be one of the most valuable companies in the public markets when we IPO.”

Welcome, Adam!