Rippling hires Duncan Godfrey as CISO

The Rippling TeamJul 20, 2022

Duncan will lead the information security team, ensuring Rippling and its products are protected against today’s digital threat landscape. Godfrey spent nearly six years at Auth0, where he was VP of Security Engineering. He also co-founded Cadency, a security engineering company in the Netherlands. He served in security positions for the UK Government, BT group and Amazon. 

“I’m excited to help build the security program that will support the future of work. In my short time here, I’ve seen just how passionate Rippling’s people are about building and scaling a platform to power applications across HR, IT—the whole business stack,” Godfrey notes, adding that Rippling’s mix of large-company maturity and startup enthusiasm makes it unique. He continues, “I’ve worked in small companies. My mom works in a small business. I’ve also run IT. I’ve had to deal with point SaaS—I’ve seen that pain. I deeply believe in Rippling’s potential.” 

To Godfrey, a successful security program is all about relentlessly and consistently maintaining good habits. The security team must obsess about the basics—and never lose sight of the human element. He believes in the power and effectiveness of a metrics-driven security program and is dedicated to building a deep bench of security talent. 

“I’m looking for security engineers who are passionate about Rippling’s product,” he says. “Security engineers often feel disconnected from the end customer and the company’s products. Rippling is not that type of company. I’ve seen the product teams' energy for what they are building—it’s contagious.”

Godfrey is currently recruiting security engineers for his team. He notes that it’s essential that security engineers are passionate about Rippling’s products and its customers. As Godfrey says, “Many security engineers worry about getting siloed—doing the same thing again and again. The opportunity to do engaging and dynamic security work is endless at Rippling. There are mobile apps, password managers, and MDM agents—and the offerings continue to grow.” Job listings are available on the Rippling careers page.

Welcome, Duncan!