See how Rippling works like magic in our first-ever brand campaign


Jul 28, 2021

Every day, we talk to customers who, before using Rippling, never would have believed that their HR, IT, and employee management processes could be as fast and effortless as they are with our platform. We hear the words “like magic” all the time, but as engineers we know there’s a lot of hard, complex work that goes into making it feel that way. 

Making those magical experiences possible, though, is the reason for everything we do. It occurred to us that people who use Rippling for their daily jobs understand what it feels like, but what about all of the other people who should be using Rippling to simplify and automate their business? How could we share that work magic, or at least a sneak peek of it, with everyone else?

Enter Plum: Rippling’s “spokes-magician” and star of our very first brand campaign, “Work Magic”. Like a pantsuited Mary Poppins, Plum (and her puppet alter ego) might blow into your office and transform time-consuming tasks into instant solutions—for example, onboarding a new employee in 90 seconds versus the days or weeks it usually takes. She might also get a little carried away with her own magical powers, but don’t worry, she’ll get that ceiling fixed for you.

Watch “Work Magic” below, and share it with anyone who needs a little razzle dazzle today and every day.

last edited: April 26, 2023

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